Start your morning off right at these Atlanta breakfast spots


Start your morning off right at these Atlanta breakfast spots

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Ahhh, there's nothing better than mornings in Atlanta. You can start off the day at one of a slew of progressive new coffee shops or hit up established ones that just keep percolating.  And, if an apple fritter isn’t enough to fill you up, there are myriad spots dishing up hearty Southern breakfasts. So where should you start your morning? Here are few suggestions featured in our Eating in Atlanta around the clock Fall Dining Guide:

For coffee
The artisanal coffee craze continues. The latest wave entails cold brewing (steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period), infusing coffee with nitrogen, uber-conscious sourcing and interactive bars intended to educate us on what the heck is going on with a drink we once ordered simply as “coffee,” and paid less than $1 to enjoy. Find out why coffee geeks are buzzing about Octane, Revelator, Taproom Coffee & Beer and more. 

For a good Southern breakfast
Ask any Southerner what their grandma made for breakfast, and that person is liable to melt like butter on a hot biscuit. They’ll wax nostalgic about country ham, red-eye gravy, fluffy omelets, creamy grits and catheads filled with everything from sausage and fried chicken to sorghum syrup and fig preserves. Many smart chefs believe the old way is the best way: Leave granny’s cooking alone! Others feel the need to play, to reinvent the region’s breakfast repertoire using familiar ingredients in clever new getups. Here, then, is a look at five terrific remakes that remind us how Southerners love their morning grub — even when it’s served all day.

Best places too crowded? We can help. 
Atlanta loves breakfast. And what’s not to love about bacon, pancakes and bottomless mimosas? But, sometimes that hour-plus wait at your favorite neighborhood brunch spot will leave you angry or rashly overindulging once you finally sit down. Here’s how to navigate the best breakfast spots without wasting your entire Saturday.

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