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Dietitians attend annual food and nutrition conference in Atlanta

Did you know were supposed to be feeding the friendly bacteria that naturally live in your gut?That’s just one of the hot topics in nutrition research presented to registered dietitians gathered in Atlanta for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ 2014 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE). “Increasing the ...

Thirteen Pies Guanciale and Farm Egg pizza. Contributed by Thirteen Pies. Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.

First Look: Thirteen Pies, Buckhead Atlanta

An offshoot of Fireside Pies from Texas-based Consilient restaurants, Thirteen Pies recently joined the dining mix at the luxury Buckhead Atlanta development. The name comes from the menu’s 12 featured pizzas, with the 13th pie as the “who knows what?” wild card.The look: Though Fireside originated in Fort Worth, the ...

Students clean up after riots, violence, arrests near pumpkin festival

Students at Keene State College in New Hampshire took part in a huge cleanup effort Sunday after riots broke out Saturday. A car was flipped, a fire was lit in the middle of the street and hundreds were injured during the Pumpkin Festival – but on the school's campus. The college ...

Study links soda to accelerated DNA aging

We already know drinking soda can lead to obesity, but new research suggests drinking a can of the carbonated beverage everyday can be as bad as smoking. Yikes. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco found those who drank 20 ounces of soda had DNA typical of someone 4.6 years older.  To come ...

Jose Hevia launched Cheeky restaurants and, then, Draftserv, a beverage dispensing company heavy on technology. MATT KEMPNER / AJC

Waiter becomes restaurant owner, then tech entrepreneur

Jose Hevia began his career as a waiter. He became a restaurant owner in the Taco Mac chain and eventually launched his own small chain of restaurants called Cheeky, nicknamed after his dad. But it wasn’t until Hevia was in his 40s that he made an abrupt jump into technology.Now, ...

Tacos will be just one of the many options at Taste of Atlanta. CONTRIBUTED BY RAFTERMEN PHOTOGRAPHY

Taste of Atlanta still growing after 13 years

After 13 years, Taste of Atlanta continues to grow and change, offering new experiences, while remaining the city’s premier fall food event.More than 90 metro Atlanta restaurants will offer samples Oct. 25 and Oct. 26, including newcomers Bartaco, Bellwoods Social House, the Bishop, Lusca, Max’s Wine Dive, Tupelo Honey Cafe, ...

Shellfish roast- peel & eat shrimp with pei mussels, lamb sausage, smoky cabbage, potatoes and grilled bread at Ladybird Grove and Mess hall. Becky Stein, for the AJC

Atlanta dining’s new and coming attractions

Will 2014 be the biggest year in Atlanta dining history? It’s hard to argue, considering the number of new restaurant destinations.Krog Street Market in Inman Park stirred excitement in August with the opening of the Luminary and Craft Izakaya. Buckhead Atlanta followed with much anticipated Shake Shack in September. And ...

Buckhead Diner’s White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. (Contributed by Sara Hanna Photography)

From the menu of: Buckhead Diner

From the menu of … Buckhead Diner, 3073 Piedmont Road, Atlanta. 404-262-3336, My best friend, who lives in another state, loves the White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie from Buckhead Diner. Whenever she comes to Atlanta she always makes a point of going to the Buckhead Diner so that she ...

Chef Terry Koval slices strips of cured bacon. (styling by Conne Ward-Cameron) (Photography by Renee Brock/Special)

Going whole hog

“Know where your food comes from.” That’s today’s mantra in food shopping. Your neighborhood supermarket recognizes that and is labeling its products when they’re from local sources. If you’re a farmers market shopper, you’re lucky enough to shake the hand of the person who grew those carrots and mustard greens ...

Put brain power on the menu

The fall is often a busy and productive season. Preparing for a job interview, school exam, special event, music recital or business presentation is vital for success but what you consume before the performance can make a difference too. Meal choices can make or break your mental powers.Protein powerWhile a ...

Mavericks’ pork belly torta, with sweet potato wedges and pomegranate margarita. (

First Look: Mavericks, Johns Creek

Poised as a franchise in the making, the Hohman and St. Clair family owners of Mavericks in Johns Creek call it a “So-Cal Mexican cantina.” The atmosphere is bright and beachy, transported to a suburban strip center. The opening menu is a mix of starters, tacos, enchiladas and tortas, with ...

Have pumpkin-flavored products gone too far?

Popular HBO personality John Oliver, of "Last Week Tonight," posted a YouTube rant about pumpkin spice that has started resonating with people on social media. "Pumpkin pie is the most seasonal food there is," Oliver explains. "It is only good from the moment Thanksgiving dinner ends, until just after you ...

Study says coffee, but not caffeine, may be good for your liver

It appears its the coffee, not the caffeine, that's good for you, or for your liver anyway.  Previous studies have told us drinking coffee may lower the risk of heart disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia, type 2 diabetes and liver disease.  But before now, we didn't know much about why coffee lowered the risk ...

Lomo saltado, the Peruvian french fry stir-fry. (John Kessler /

A Peruvian dish worthy of obsession

Poutine — that French-Canadian train wreck that consists of fries melded together with cheese curds and gravy — has had its moment in the food-culture spotlight. Many bars and taverns throughout North America now feature some version of this dish, often tricked out with, say, barbecue, pastrami or jalapeno peppers. ...

Pittsburgh casino sets pierogi world record

It’s official! Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino set a new world record Wednesday for the largest pierogi. The 123-pound pierogi was prepared and cooked by Rivers' Executive Chef Richard Marmion and Assistant Executive Chef Adam Tharpe. According to casino officials, the record had never before been attempted, so the pierogi had to ...

Bantam + Biddy’s Broccoli and Farro Salad (Styling by Bantam Biddy / Contributed by Adrienne Harris)

From the menu of: Bantam + Biddy

From the menu of … Bantam + Biddy, 1544 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta. 404-907-3469, www.bantamandbiddy.comQ: I really love Bantam + Biddy in Ansley Mall. I would love the recipe for their broccoli and farro salad. — Johanna Chapin, AtlantaA: Bantam + Biddy’s chef/owners Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere provided the recipe ...

Ladybird Grove shellfish roast served in a cast iron skillet with peel and eat shrimp, mussels, lamb sausage, cabbage, potatoes and grilled bread.

First Look: Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, Old Fourth Ward

Billed as “a base camp for the urban explorer,” Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall evokes something of the quirky film world of Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom.” But whatever its hip conceits, owner and managing partner Michael Lennox can lay claim to the first bar/restaurant concept specifically designed with Atlanta’s Beltline ...

Fire-Roasted Corn and Cherry Salsa. Contributed by

Seven-Day Menu Planner

10/ 12Family SundayEnjoy family day with GRILLED MARINATED STEAK (see recipe). Serve with BAKED POTATOES topped with reduced-fat sour cream. Add steamed FRESH BROCCOLI and WHOLE-GRAIN BREAD. Sweeten the ending with COCONUT CREAM PIE for dessert.PLAN AHEAD: Save enough steak and pie, and prepare extra potatoes for Monday.10/ 13Heat and ...

4 teens arrested in connection with clubbing death of 920 chickens

Four young men, ages 15 to 18, were arrested this week for allegedly breaking into a Foster Farms chicken ranch and killing more than 900 birds with a golf club. All four were booked on charges of burglary and felony cruelty to animals. Fresno Sheriff's Department spokesman Christian Curtice declined ...

Plum Cafe’s signature dish is composed of a trio of salads including chicken, tuna and a carrot-beet-quinoa mixture. JENNY TURKNETT / SPECIAL

At Roswell cafe, lunch proves a success; dinner a puzzle

A vegetarian, a vegan and a gluten-free diner walk into a restaurant. All are happy. Where did they go? That may sound like one of those vexing word problems your 9-year-old puzzles over at homework time. Yet, this problem may be too complex for a 9-year old. There are few ...

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Oct. 3, 2014

Photos: Cirque Du Soleil's 'Amaluna' Atlanta Premiere Night

‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman and fiance Josh Murray, 'RHOA' stars Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey, attended opening night of Cirque Du Soleil's 'Amaluna' at the Big Top at Atlantic Station on October 3, 2014 in Atlanta.

Oct. 2, 2014

Photos: 'Walking Dead' Season 5 premiere

Photos: 'Walking Dead' Season 5 premiere

Annual Woofstock event in Suwanee

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