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El Azteca’s mushroom and spinach enchiladas

From the menu of: El Azteca

From the menu of … El Azteca, 939 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta. 404-881-6040.Q. I wanted to see if you can get the recipe for El Azteca’s vegetarian cheese enchilada. This is the best cheese enchilada I have ever had and would love to be able to make it at ...

Marlow’s Tavern’s Salmon with Bourbon Sauce

From the menu of: Marlow’s Tavern

From the menu of … Marlow’s Tavern, 950 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta. 404-815-0323. www.marlowstavern.comQ. The salmon and vegetable dish at Marlow’s Tavern is the best I’ve ever had. Hope they will part with the recipe. I have tried to copy the sauce they serve over the dish but with little ...

Taqueria del Sol’s fish taco

From the menu of: Taqueria del Sol

From the menu of … Taqueria de Sol, 1200-B Howell Mill Road, Atlanta. 404-352-5811, www.taqueriadelsol.comQ. I would love to get the recipe for Taqueria del Sol’s poblano sauce and fish taco. Thanks so much.Julie Corsini, AtlantaA. Always happy to accommodate their customers, the folks at Taqueria del Sol provided both ...

Thumbs Up Diner’s French Toast

From the menu of: Thumb’s Up Diner

From the menu of … Thumbs Up Diner, 826 Marietta Street, Atlanta. 404-745-4233; www.thumbsupdiner.comQ. Please post the recipe for Thumbs Up Diner’s French toast, which is the best French toast in the world. I just moved to Chicago from Decatur. Thanks.Jade M. Irving, ChicagoQ. Is there a recipe available for ...

Cabbage carbonara

From the menu of: DiPaolo

From the menu of … di Paolo, 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta; 770-587-1051; Q. Di Paolo always has unique and delicious sides that accompany the meats and seafood on their entrees. My very favorite is the Cabbage Carbonara on the winter menu. Please see if they would be willing ...

Portofino’s lentil stew

From the menu of: Portofino

From the menu of … Portofino, 3199 Paces Ferry Place, Atlanta. 404-231-1136, Q. I’d love the recipe for Portofino’s lentil soup/stew – absolutely the best I’ve ever had. It was garnished with arugula and prosciutto, perfect for cold winter evenings. Meryl Wilkerson, Norcross A. Portofino’s executive chef Paul Sidener ...

The Georgia Pine’s Honey Pork & Greens- brown sugar & honey pork, collards & mustard on Cuban roll.

Sandwiches, beer trump entrees at Lawrenceville eatery

Indulge me in a quick game. Guess the Atlanta-area restaurant from this menu: Today’s appetizer is headcheese and entree choices include rabbit hindquarters, grilled tofu and rack of lamb with bacon Brussels sprouts. Need another clue? This restaurant stocks a nice sampling of Georgia craft beers. Chances are, you’ll need ...

One Eared Stag’s celery salad

One Eared Stag

From the menu of … One Eared Stag, 1029 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta. 404-525-4479; Q. Hello there! I had a lovely birthday dinner at One Eared Stag a few months ago and still can’t stop thinking about their phenomenal celery salad. It would make for a delicious, fresh start to ...

Don Antonio by Starita’s Montanara Starita.

A new generation of pizza and pasta

You might say that Neapolitan-style pizza is a four-year-old trend. The transformative pizzerias opened, the copycats came and went, and we should be on the next big thing.Please. It wasn’t a trend so much as a realignment of expectations. We no longer judge pizza exclusively by New York criteria, i.e., ...

White Cheddar Corn Grits

From the menu of: Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub

From the menu of … Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub, 1410 Dresden Drive, Atlanta. 404-474-9600; www.k-pub.comQ. Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub is a great addition to our local neighborhood. I especially enjoy the Sunday brunch menu which includes fantastic white corn cheddar grits. Would you please ask if Chef Riley would share ...

Sweet potato cornbread muffins

From the menu of: Oakwood Cafe

From the menu of … Oakwood Cafe, 16 Forest Parkway, Forest Park. 404-214-5660; Q. We had the sweet potato yellow corn meal muffins at the Oakwood Cafe at the Atlanta State Farmer’s Market. They were so good and moist and with sweet potatoes [in season]. would it be possible ...

Seasons 52’s Spinach and Pear Salad dressed with Citrus Vinaigrette. CONTRIBUTED BY SEASONS 52

From the menu of: Seasons 52

From the menu of … Seasons 52 Fresh Grill, 3050 Peachtree Road, Atlanta. 404-846-1552, www.seasons52.comQ: It is such a challenge to find a light and tasty salad dressing, but Seasons 52 has done that with their citrus vinaigrette. Their restaurant is my “go to” favorite, and I would love to ...

A menu and period table settings for a dinner party scene on the set of “Downton Abbey” at Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England.

‘Downton’ dining a fond reminder of formality

Of the millions of viewers who watched the fourth season of “Downton Abbey,” which premiered last Sunday on PBS, more than a few, I suspect, were like me. While we enjoy the wars and romances that frame the series, as well as its ingenious story lines depicting the interplay of ...

S & S Cafeteria’s turnip greens, which should include pot liquor.

From the menu of: S & S Cafeteria

From the menu of … S & S Cafeteria, 3583 Chamblee-Tucker Road, Atlanta; 770-455-8941; www.sscafeterias.comQ: I would like to know the recipe for turnip greens that S & S Cafeteria makes daily. Not only does S&S have a very good buffet line, but I always felt they have the best ...

West Cobb Diner’s black-eyed pea cakes

From the menu of: West Cobb Diner

From the menu of … West Cobb Diner, 3451 Barrett Parkway, Marietta. 770-422-7717; www.westcobbdiner.comQ. My husband and I enjoy dining at West Cobb Diner in Marietta. One of our favorite items is the Black Eyed Pea Cakes. We would love to be able to make this dish at home. Any ...

Community Q’s Redneck Chicken Salad

From the menu of: Community Q BBQ

From the menu of … Community Q BBQ, 1361 Clairmont Road, Decatur. 404-633-2080; www.communityqbbq.comQ. I’d absolutely love the recipe for Community Q BBQ’s Redneck Chicken Salad. I come up from Macon just to get it. It has an incredible smoky flavor. I usually don’t like chicken salad with grapes and ...

From the menu of: Blue Willow Inn Restaurant

From the menu of … Blue Willow Inn Restaurant, 294 North Cherokee Road, Social Circle. 770-464-2131; Q. The first time we ate at the Blue Willow Inn Restaurant a few years ago, they served a “cheesy-shrimp” casserole, but they have not had that any other time we returned. It ...

Fayetteville Senior Center’s chili

From the menu of: Fayetteville Senior Center

From the menu of … Fayetteville Senior Services Life Enrichment Center, 4 Center Drive, Fayetteville. 770-461-0813; Q. The chili at the Fayette Senior Center is really, really good. If they would share their recipe, that would be wonderful. Jo-Ann Wright, Fayetteville A. Nancy Meaders, president and chief executive officer ...

Besides producing a tasty soup, the recipe for Sweet Tomatoes’ Creamy Herbed Turkey Soup is a good way to use your Thanksgiving leftovers. CONTRIBUTED BY SWEET TOMATOES

From the menu of: Sweet Tomatoes

From the menu of … Sweet Tomatoes, 950 North Point Drive, Alpharetta. 770-777-9500, Q: Please help me find the recipe for the cranberry turkey cream soup Sweet Tomatoes starts serving in December. It is one of the best soups I have ever eaten. — Laura A. Greenwald, Norcross A: ...

What is it? Roasted Organic Butternut Squash Bisque. CONTRIBUTED BY CRISTINA LAMOS

From the menu of: Atlanta Bread

From the menu of … Atlanta Bread, 2555 Prado Lane, Marietta. 770-420-9225; www.atlantabread.comQ: I have enjoyed the butternut squash soup at Atlanta Bread for several years and would love the recipe to try with the squash I have grown. It is very smooth and has just the right amount of ...

25 items
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