7 times popular rappers mention DeKalb County in song

7 times popular rappers mention DeKalb County in song

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Childish Gambino performs at Austin City Limits in 2014. 

Y’all probably ought to know by now.

DeKalb is to rap as hoecakes and greens are to the South.

The county gets shouts like Killer Mike and El-P run the jewels.

South DeKalb Mall, Lithonia and Candler Road: pick one or two.

Might be Donald Glover, Gucci Mane or — ay, remember Bone Crusher?

They came through, wrote it down and spit one time or another.

Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton and even ATL could be mad.

But here’s a list of times you come up, DeKalb:

Song: “Elevators (Me and You)”

Artist: Outkast

Now everyday we looked up at the ceiling 

Watching ceiling fans go 'round, tryna catch that feeling 

Off instrumentals, had my pencil and plus my paper 

We caught the 86, Lithonia headed to Decatur


Song: “In the Air”

Artist: Jeezy

Lexus coupe, bubble eye, I was paying 24 

Transaction at the car wash 'cross from the store 

That was off of Candler Road, dirty South DeKalb Mall 

Back when me and shawty hit up tees and had a (expletive) ball


Song: “Off the Leash”

Artist: Gucci Mane

Whoop whoop, dope dancing like Chris Breezy

Whoop whoop, hiding, that’s DeKalb County Police


Song: “Eat Your Vegetables”

Artist: Childish Gambino

DeKalb County, where you at?

If you with me, holla back 

ATL done got them here 

Bankhead Row turned Hollowell


Song: “F.I.L.A. (Forever I Love Atlanta)”

Artist: Lil Scrappy

Man, South Dekalb Mall be the crunkest (expletive) 

Or you can roll through Buckhead and go fall on a (expletive) 

I'm a giant (expletive) playa, I'll stomp on a hater 

I'mma pop this (expletive) off from Zone 3 to Decatur


Song: “Str8”Artist: Rich Homie Quan

Sometimes it feels like they don't even care about me 

I was vulnerable and lonely the whole 15 months I was in DeKalb County 

All blue Cutlass, call it Carolina I ain't talkin' no (?), you need a pacifier


Song: “2 Sides”Artist: Killer Mike

Up shopping in South DeKalb South DeKalb with a fine young (?)

Or Candler Road, Red Lobster crackin’ With my east-side mobster faction

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