Tips to prevent getting colds and flu, remedies

  • Gracie Bonds Staples, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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Now is the right time for parents to take steps to protect young children from cold and flu viruses.

According to Dr. Hansa Bhargava, one of the nation’s top pediatricians, most colds and coughs go away by themselves because they are caused by viruses.

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Still, a healthy child may have a fever as an immune response because his immune system is fighting off the infection, she said.

“Personally, I try not to use a lot of over-the-counter drugs to treat my own children when they have colds, coughs and fever,” she said.

Bhargava offers the following tips to prevent young children from getting sick, some home remedies to try when they do and instances when you should call a doctor:

The two big weapons in keeping germs at bay are good hygiene and a flu vaccine.

Remedies to help your child feel better

For fever:

For colds:

For coughs:

For sore throats:

Call a doctor if your child experiences these symptoms

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