"The Kimmer" returns to Atlanta radio

Kim Peterson

Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson is coming back to Atlanta radio. He will appear from noon to 3 p.m. weekdays on All News 106.7 FM starting Nov. 4.

 "It feels like coming home for the holidays. I'm really thrilled," Peterson said in a statement from the radio station. "We want to bring back a little common sense to the news/talk business and do some serious fooling around, too. We're bringing back the team – Jim Gossett’s ‘Newsmaker Line’ and sports with Pete “Snake” Davis -- so nobody is safe from ridicule. Sounds like fun."

Once the word started getting around, The Kimmer's fans were thrilled.

"Thanks, you guys. I must say I'm quite humbled by the reactions as word leaked out and I am truly flattered," he said on his Facebook page this afternoon as well-wishers began flooding him with congratulations. "I'll remember them when I get my first hater calling me everything but a ham sandwich. Semper Fi."

Later he added, "I am most grateful for all the kind words flung my way so far tonight. Should be interesting."

Radio is not usually my bailiwick but my colleague Rodney Ho is on vacation. He may immediately hop on the next plane home when he hears this news, though. RoHo recently interviewed Peterson about what he has been up to since leaving the Atlanta radio scene after so many years of entertaining listers. Read that story here.

All News 106.7 is further expanding their lineup by getting into Braves broadcasting, according to a post yesterday on its Facebook page: "All News 106.7 will join our partners at 680 The Fan as the broadcast home of your Atlanta Braves in 2014! You'll be able to catch all 162 games next season right here on All News."


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