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Posted: 10:31 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

Photos: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth on "Mockingjay" set 

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Jennifer Lawrence in Atlanta
Jennifer Lawrence has been filming "Mockingjay" in Atlanta. Here she is on the set.


Liam Hemsworth in Atlanta photo
Liam Hemsworth on the "Mockingjay" set.
Sam Claflin in Atlanta photo
Sam Claflin on the "Mockingjay" set.
Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Frazier photo
Brandon Frazier
Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Frazier
"Mockingjay" films in Atlanta photo
Jennifer Brett,
At the "Mockingjay" site

By Jennifer Brett

"Mockingjay" filming continues in downtown Atlanta this week.  Here are some photos of stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth at the set.

J-Law and Liam were spotted out in Atlanta recently. Local residents Brandon and Anne Frazier were having dinner at Bookhouse Pub when they ran into the Hunger Gamers and shared their story here.

The Daily Mail also posted this photo of Julianne Moore sporting a new gray hairdo for her character. 

While the late Philip Seymour Hoffman had some work yet to be completed for “Mockingjay,” filmmakers will be able to use CGI technology to place his likeness where it needs to be.

Various industry reports have indicated that Hoffman had about another week’s worth of filming yet to be completed; the realtor who negotiated the lease on Hoffman’s temporary Atlanta accommodations has said the actor was due to keep his local address until early April.

Hoffman, who died at 46, is the second actor to die in the midst of a movie in production in Atlanta. In November, Paul Walker’s death in a fiery Los Angeles car crash temporarily halted work on “Fast and Furious 7,” which had been filming in Atlanta and the movie's release date was pushed back. Not so with "Mockingjay." 

Moore also starred with Hoffman in "Boogie Nights." She retweeted a message from actor Kevin Spacey: "To honor the late great Philip Hoffman consider supporting his much loved theater group ‪@LabTheaterNYC‬."

Anyway, I've been down to check things out a couple of times this week and it's been business as usual. In fact it's an extra busy week, filming wise, in downtown Atlanta. The movie "Cell," with Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack also is filming, a few blocks away. "Mockingjay" is in the 200 Peachtree building and "Cell" is in the Sweet Auburn area.

Traffic was not impacted too terribly but it seems there are trucks parked on every other street in downtown Atlanta. Combine that with assorted street repair projects and work on the new streetcar and you have the potential for some delays.

Details here on filming locations so you can plan alternate routes.

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