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Posted: 2:29 a.m. Friday, Feb. 14, 2014

Do flower pot/candle heaters work? 

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By Jennifer Brett

More than 250,000 Georgia residents are still without power following this week's ice storm and as my colleague Michael Kanell reports, "Tens of thousands of Georgians are likely to be without electricity and heat for at least several days more."

Is there a way for these folks to stay warm at home until service is restored?

A friend sent me a link to this handy DIY YouTube clip where seaman-journalist Dylan Winter demonstrates his method of heating with four tea lights, two flower pots and a bread tin. "It warms the room up," Winter says. "You'd be amazed." He says he uses this method to heat his boat.

Check it out:

Problem solved? Unclear. One "flower pot heater" YouTube video begets myriad others including this one, narrated by a guy named Wes whose channel is called Vegitate. In his clip, titled, "Flower Pot Heater - The reality," he appears not so impressed with the flower pot heater method, calling it dangerous and ineffective. 

Another flower pot-heater YouTube video narrated by a guy who uses the handle "Desert Sun" modifies the contraption some, using a bolt and washers to hold the pots together and bricks to secure them. This set-up definitely seems sturdier, although he has the whole thing sitting on carpet, which seems inadvisable.

Has anyone had any success with flower pot/candle heaters? I think I am going to test this out - in the bathroom, not on a piece of carpet. I have a cast-iron bathtub that sits up on feet. Seems like the safest thing to to would be to sit the flower pot/candle heater in the bathtub. Our power mercifully did not go out during this week's ice but it never hurts to have an emergency plan in place for next time.

Note: I am NOT recommending anyone try this, just wondering if anyone has. Does anyone have other emergency heat tips to share?

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