'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' recap: season 2, ep 2


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Stevie J weighs in tonight with his patented brand of arrogance. He still wants, as buddy Benzino says, his cake and eat it, too. But he may get neither the way things are progressing.

Joseline is jostling on one end to gain greater control of her career by cutting herself off from Stevie J physically. She is also demanding to see a contract she signed with him before all the "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" brouhaha happened because (oops!) she hadn't read it. He won't do it. He still wants control over her.

"I just don't want to do this anymore," Joseline said. "I just want to get to work. I'm in another space."

"Everything," he tells her, "comes back to the gatekeeper." And yes he thinks he owns her.

Thanks to "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Joseline is pocketing some big bucks making appearances at clubs ($20,000 a pop!) though she doesn't yet have finished music to perform. And she isn't giving Stevie his 30% cut. without said contract. That appears to be a future conflict.

In the meantime, Mimi had moved back into Stevie J's home so their daughter could have both of them around. But she is not happy that Joseline can just drop on by. So she decides to move out, much to Stevie's chagrin. He even does a "she loves me, she loves me not" routine with a rose while she justifies her departure.

"You know I can find you," he says as she gets up to leave.

"You always do," she says, more out of resignation than anger.

"You'll be back," he says matter of factly.

The other two storylines this week:

- We get to meet a fierce new cast member Traci Steele of Hot 107.9 and her baby daddy Baby Drew. She harangues him for not being a good father since he's always on the road having fun with the groupies as Chris Brown's DJ. "It's not my fault I'm handsome," he says. He asks her for $25,000 to help him open a sneaker "boutique,' which is apparently a fancier version of a sneaker shop. She is considering it in hopes that he'll be around town more.

- Erica and Lil Scrappy are planning nuptials. Mama Dee is scheming to get Scrappy back with her buddy Shay, Scrappy's former lover. Dee shows up at his studio to claim she supports whatever he does, then threatens unsaid repercussions if he doesn't do what she wants. Jedi mind games! Then lo and behold, Shay shows up. She wants to give him a piece of her mind and gain some closure or perhaps change his mind. Instead, she just kind of folds and says she loves him and hopes he is just happy, with or without her. "I can't hate you," she told Scrappy.. Mama Dee is clearly hurt that Erica doesn't want to befriend her, thinking she's too invasive.

At least Scrappy was able to smooth things over with Erica's mom.


The opening episode last week drew 2.9 million viewers and a 1.7 rating 18-49, the highest of the night in that younger demo. That's up from last year's opening 1.9 million but down from what it was drawing near the end of season one. It's very similar to what "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" drew sesaon four. We'll see how the show will progress ratings wise as the season goes along. It's paired with another Atlanta-based show "T.I. & Tiny," which held most of its lead in with 2.6 million and a 1.4 18-49 rating.

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