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Posted: 10:06 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013

'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap ('The Old Lady and the Shoe'): season 6, episode 6 

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Kandi Burruss struggles with her mom's suspicion of her best friend and her fiance.

By Rodney Ho

Kandi Burruss has a tough time with confrontation, especially dealing with her Mama Joyce. Joyce does not like her fiance Todd for reasons Kandi doesn't quite fully understand but Kandi refuses to face up to her mom. She can't tell Joyce straight out that she needs to support Kandi's choices or there will be consequences.

But Kandi has set zero boundaries. She has not given Mama Joyce any ultimatums.

The result: Mama Joyce is doing all she can to undermine the marriage, creating all sorts of gossipy mayhem. Last week, she said the engagement ring was too small, that Todd isn't providing enough financial suport, that Kandi's best friend/ employee Carmon might have a thing for Todd, et. al.

The result: Todd and Carmon are both increasingly uncomfortable with this increasingly untenable situation.

Todd, at the beginning of tonight's episode, tells Kandi to face up to her mom but Kandi is afraid to "disrespect" her mom when in fact, her mom is "disrespecting" Todd.

Later, at Kandi's wedding dress fitting, Mama Joyce puts on a sour face. Why did she even come? Carmon asks Joyce why she looks so unexcited. She said she'd be more excited if Kandi were marrying someone else. Carmon finds this statement "terrible" and tries to defend Todd.

"You talk to him. You know him," Joyce says, with an emphasis on "know."

Carmon's radar goes up: "Why would you say something like that?"

"Not what I say. What everybody is saying," Joyce replies.

Who are these other people feeding Joyce dirt? Carmon doesn't know so she says, "Not everybody. You're everybody!"

Joyce instantly understands Carmon is accusing her of making this stuff up. She stands up and starts going Springer on Carmon. "I ain't everybody!" she screams.

They start arguing like schoolchildren.

"Why did you come?" Carmon asks.

"Why did you come?" Joyce spits back.

"I"m her friend," Carmon said. "She asked me to come."

"You're nobody's friend," Joyce yells back.

Joyce has two other relatives there who support Joyce. When Kandi comes out, they accuse Carmon of instigating things, which isn't true.

Joyce demands Carmon leave the wedding shop. Carmon resists.  Joyce starts blabbering about Carmon taking Kandi's second-hand hair and shoes or whatnot.

"You're acting the fool," Carmon says, correctly.

Then Joyce goes all Khruschev and takes off a shoe, ready to throw it at Carmon. Carmon finally leaves the room.

Kandi at first says she doesn't want to try any more dresses. Then she decides to try another dress in hopes that would calm things down. (Really?)

When she comes out in a new dress, another aunt says she doesn't 't want Kandi to get married to Todd. In fact, all three relatives agree. Why then are they there? Kandi just looks sad and confused.

Later, Kandi meets with Carmon. Carmon accuses Kandi of trying to "ride the fence."

"You're going to have to make a choice," Carmon says. She has to stand up to her mom. But Kandi doesn't appear ready.

"I feel sorry for you," Carmon concludes. Mama Joyce "is going to be running your life forever."

In other storylines:

- Kenya Moore talks to her aunt Lori her mother figure) about her unnamed, unseen African prince boyfriend but is not moving quickly to marriage (after supposedly pushing Walter too hard last season.). Kenya still wants kids but said a fertility test given her age (42) was not hopeful. Lori suggests she try to have a kid before getting married instead.  These are rare times when Kenya actually seems genuine.

- The end of textgate is nigh. Apollo approaches Phaedra Parks again to apologize about texting Kenya. Actually, he gives a more mealy-mouthed apology about feeling sorry that she was upset by his behavior. He deep down doesn't really think he did anything wrong but he wants Phaedra to talk to him again. She accepts the apology, even though it isn't whole hearted. At least he probably won't casually text her friends (or enemies in the case of Kenya) again.

- Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband Leon comes into town to hear about their 13 year old daughter dating. He is a little skeptical about their relationship but is glad current hubby Peter has put his foot down. Co-parenting seems to be working well in their case.

- Porsha Stewart Williams  faints (off camera, unfortunately, for Bravo's sake) and lands in the hospital. She finds out she was dehydrated and stressed out, post divorce filing. We get an amusing scene in the pharmacy where she and her sister struggle to figure out how to interpret results from a blood pressure machine.

- NeNe Leakes sets up the annual "girl" trip, this time to Savannah instead of overseas. Did Bravo budgets get cut back? In past years, they've gone to South Africa and Las Vegas. NeNe also has a chance to promise she won't be visiting Paula Deen's restaurant. (This was taped around the time of all that Deen controversy.) This also means a bus trip. Oh, boy.  NeNe and her husband Gregg also hang out with former NFL player Chuck Smith and his wife Mynique. Chuck is a childhood friend of NeNe in Athens. They went to the same high school as Phaedra. Chuck admits he had briefly dated Kandi at one point but not Phaedra, though NeNe, apropos of nothing says Phaedra was known back in the day as a "head" doctor. For you readers with dirty minds, that does not mean she had aspirations to be a brain surgeon. [UPDATE: During "Watch What Happens Live," Phaedra called in to refute NeNe's claim, noting that NeNe didn't really know Phaedra in high school anyway. NeNe did apologize, Phaedra said.]  Mynique's appearance on the show fueled rumors earlier this year that she might be considered as a full-time cast member. For now, it's clear she is at most a recurring character.


Kandi's mom is angry and won't talk to Kandi now. Why?  Andy Cohen and others on the show presumed Joyce was worried about being reliant on Kandi. Kandi says no matter what their relationship is like, she will help her mom. Kandi still hopes things will be okay.


We see Kandi getting ultra upset about her mom's behavior. We see Kenya getting ultra upset on the bus to Savannah. And Kandi starts yelling back at Kenya, including a bleeped-out curse word.


The show continues to exceed last season's ratings but it did fall to a season low 3.1 million viewers in its fifth outing Dec. 1.  Still, the show is averaging 3.3 million overnight viewers, the most to date of any season. That tends to happen when Kenya is not the focal point - and right now, she is not. But hopefully, the trip to Savannah will spice things up.

Rodney Ho

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