'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap (Savann-oh): season 6, episode 7

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Momma Joyce in the latest episode made what could be loosely defined as a "truce" with her daughter Kandi Burruss over her contemptuous feelings toward Kandi's best friend Carmen and her fiance Todd.

But the way Momma Joyce said her no mas and the dour expression on her face conveyed her real feelings, which haven't changed one iota.

"I have decided to wash my hands of your relationship," she told Kandi. "And I'm going to do my best to stay completely out of it. If Todd makes you happy, I'm happy."

But she sure didn't look happy.

This battle is not over.

Earlier, Momma Joyce had visited Phaedra Parks, wondering why Phaedra had introduced Kandi to Todd in the first place instead of some high-income producing lawyer. Phaedra just thought they'd hit it off and she was right. She also defended Todd by saying he has a high-paying job.

Momma Joyce would have none of it.  She said Todd has a big head and a small body,  just like Kandi. (That's her latest reason to find him a bad match for her.) She repeated the "opportunist" line with no proof, simply saying she's been in Atlanta a long time and mysterious "smoke" from unnamed folks around town imply there is something wrong with Todd's motivations.

"I don't think he's going anywhere," Phaedra said. "She's feeling he's the one. I feel he's the one."

"That's why I could choke you right now," Momma Joyce spat back. She picked up a glass of water and drank from it in a most ominous way, her anger boiling just below the surface.

Phaedra later said she felt like she had argued a big case and lost.

"She wants you so bad to be happy for her," Phaedra said.

Momma Joyce: "I can't support something I can't feel."

She also said she doubted she would come to Kandi's wedding with Todd (though you know she will.)

Later, while talking to Kandi, Momma Joyce refused to take responsibility for her nastiness at the wedding dress shop in last week's episode, saying that anything hurtful she said to Carmen was merely a joke. Kandi said her mother is never able to own up to her mistakes and makes up excuses instead. Joyce also said Carmen disrespected her. (Again, I didn't see it.) "I don't have nothing to say to her," Momma Joyce said. "She best stay away from me."

Kandi pointed out that Momma Joyce had married three times by the time she was Kandi's age and Momma's mom didn't interfere with that.

The last thing Momma Joyce said in this episode was more a warning shot: "Whatever happens - happens."

Poor Kandi. She is trying to keep everyone happy and failing miserably. She broke down crying with Cynthia Bailey, who had her share of issues with her family members and her husband Peter Thomas season three. (Interestingly, Cynthia's family members have not been seen on the show in quite awhile.)


In the meantime, the ladies prepared for a trip to Savannah by bus.

This was all NeNe's doing. And we get  a serious case of deja vu.

In an episode last season, NeNe got angry when she hosted  a party in Los Angeles and the ladies showed up more than two hours late. NeNe was livid and refused to serve the ladies, who ended up at Fatburger. (You can read my recap from March here.)

The women were supposed to meet at the clubhouse in NeNe's subdivision at 11 a.m. Two showed up on time: Mynique Smith, NeNe's friend who first appeared in last week's episode and Kenya Moore, who patted herself on the back about 18 times during the episode for being on time.

Then the waiting began. They predicted Cynthia would show up next. She did. Then Porsha Stewart (I mean, Porsha Williams) came, followed by Kandi, more than two hours late. The last one to arrive again? Phaedra Parks, who had missed her flight to Vegas last season. Neither Kandi nor Phaedra were apologetic about their tardiness. Kandi noted she had to stop by Chick Fil A, leading Kenya to later make some nasty remark about Kandi's weight. (Kandi wasn't having it. "I don't have energy right now. I have too much going on in my life. Let it go, boo," she later said.) Phaedra used her children and work as her excuses.

"What I can say clearly is you have no respect for the time I've taken out to plan a trip for you," NeNe said, very reasonably to the cameras. "Or spend quality time with you."

Indeed, these trips are created by the producers to force the women to be together and sow conflict.  And the ladies worked their magic.

NeNe was so angry by the time Kandi and Phaedra showed up, she had to go back to her apartment to pray and gather herself before going on the bus.

But NeNe kept her mouth shut about her anger in front of the ladies. Instead, Kenya took it upon herself to express her displeasure over the women's tardiness.

Phaedra was not listening. "I didn't know [NeNe] had enough money to hire an interpreter," she said, sarcastically. "And she ended up with someone who escaped from whore island."

Kenya said since she got there first, she should get dibs on rooms after NeNe. (In fact, Mynique noted, Kenya got there second after her. Sorry, Mynique. You're a recurring character in Kenya's mind. You don't count.)

The ladies were not impressed by Kenya's lecture. "Simmer down," Porsha commented later. "Who died and made Kenya principal?" Cynthia cracked. "You're not my child and you don't have to yell at me," Kandi said.

Kandi decided to confront her face to face: "You can sit your a** down. I don't care for what you're talking about and the way you're speaking to us."

NeNe later wondered why she put this trip together at all. (Per orders of the producers, of course. But she'll never say that.)

"Fault me for being an angel," she concluded.


The trip features Porsha being scared of ghosts and believing the Underground Railroad actually featured a real railroad. (Note: she is the grand-daughter of a civil rights legend Hosea Williams, turning over in his grave.) Later, see Porsha arguing with Mynique.


Last week's show where Momma Joyce almost threw a shoe at Kandi's friend drew the fourth largest ratings in the history of the show: 3.77 million viewers. The show is  averaging more than 3.3 million in overnight viewers per episode, far ahead of any season to date.

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