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Exclusive: Next one leaving V-103 is Egypt Sherrod

Egypt Sherrod
Rodney Ho/rho@ajc.com

This has been a brutal week at V-103.

First, Kendra G and Christopher "Crash" Clark were cut Monday from Ryan Cameron's morning show, as reported earlier today. Now mid-day host Egypt Sherrod is out.

Sherrod's agent/attorney Donald Woodard said she's leaving on her own accord with her contract up in March, 2014. Here is her statement sent exclusively to me:

“I relocated with my family to Atlanta in 2011 to join the V-103 family and I instantly fell in love with the warmth of the people of Atlanta, and the city I now call home.

"However, after much consideration I have decided that the time is right for me to take a break from the station while I look to focus on a number of upcoming multi-media business opportunities. Have no fear; I have 19 years of my life invested in radio, and I have no plans of walking away from it permanently. I am very excited about the dynamic year ahead I have in store.”

Yesterday was her final day on the air.

Sherrod was wooed by program director Reggie Rouse last year from New York City. And as host of "Property Virgins," she was able to move the HGTV show down here as well.

V-103 touted her hire as a big get, kind of like the New York Yankees picking up a major free agent along the lines of Alex Rodriguez. She came across as a local version of Wendy Williams, dishing her thoughts on the air and providing comforting thoughts and sustenance to the listeners.

"I’m a personality,” Egypt said in the interview in March, 2012. “I’m not a talking head. I don’t just read liners and go in and out of music.”

On her first day, Rouse decorated the studio with an Egyptian sarcophagus and a throne. Management also catered a big buffet in the green room, including peach cobbler and pot roast.

"I have never had a welcome like this in my entire career!” she said on the air her first day. “I feel very blessed."

But Atlanta listeners did not glom on to her in the ways Rouse expected. Her day-part ratings were the weakest at the station, below what her predecessor Ramona DeBreaux was getting prior to Sherrod's arrival. In the most recent Nielsen ratings book, Sherrod in her time slot ranked third among 25 to 54 year olds, behind shows on the River and B98.5.

Though I have no word on who will replace Sherrod in mid-days, DeBreaux would make the most sense. She's already at the station, a popular and likable presence. She was mid-day host from spring of 2011 until March of 2012 and did well while in that position. (She also hosted mid-days for several years at Hot 97.5/107.9 prior to coming to V-103 in February, 2008.)

Mid-days have been a bit of a bugaboo for V-103 in recent years since Magic Man was let go in 2005 in terms of finding a long-term personality to hold down the helm. Over the next even years, management has tried Osei the Dark Secret, Porsche Foxx, Elle Duncan and Debreaux in that slot, none terribly long term, though Foxx's own personal issues contributed to her departure.

Here is my interview with Egypt from March, 2012.

She also noted in a press release that she organized a clothing, toiletry and toy drive to help disadvantaged residents. The three charities that benefited: The Atlanta Children’s Shelter, The Cascade House and The Covenant House.

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