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Posted: 1:44 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013

Crash Clark on V-103 departure: "It's all good, man. I understand the game.'  

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Crash Clark photo
Rodney Ho/
Crash Clark, let go from V-103 Monday, said he has no plans to leave Atlanta again and if he can't find a job in radio, he'll seek other climes.

By Rodney Ho

Christopher "Crash" Clark, let go from Ryan Cameron's morning show on V-103 on Monday, said in an exclusive interview today that he isn't as upset about his job loss as he was when he was fired from 99X a couple of times back in the day.  (Read the original report from yesterday here.)

Now in his 40s, he has more perspective.  "I have to watch my blood pressure now," he cracked. "I can't get angry!"

More seriously, he said, "My wife [Melissa] is still working. We'll figure something out." He already has his agent Norm Schrutt - who also represents John Kincade, Cindy Simmons and Christopher Rude, among others -  on the case for new employment.

He and Cameron have been close friends for years and Clark doesn't expect that to change. "We'll be playing golf again as soon as it warms up," he said. "[GM] Rick Caffey was great. [PD] Reggie Rouse was cool. I'ts all good, man. I understand the game... I'm so freaking humble. I take what I can get... If it ends, I pick it all up and start out fresh wherever I end up going."

Clark said he hopes he is still viable. "I certainly don't burn bridges," he said. "I have nobody to burn. Everybody [at V-103] was so kind to me. It was a little bit of an uphill battle. I was a square peg in a round hole. But we had so much fun."

He questioned the research I cited in yesterday's story about Clark not connecting with black women. "Everywhere I went, I had sisters hugging me saying they love me... They knew I wasn't black. I was just having fun. I wasn't trying to be something I wasn't. I was just doing my thing." (In his defense, the ratings only started falling after Cameron finalized the new lineup midyear, which included Kendra G and Mo Ivory. Ivory remains. Kendra G was cut the same day as Clark. And about half the readers who were polled yesterday said specifically they are going to miss Clark. Very few cared for Kendra G.)

Schrutt, Clark's agent, said Caffey told him that getting rid of Clark was more a budgetary matter.  Caffey, as a matter of course, does not typically talk about why he has to dismiss folks.

Clark said he understands why management felt pressure to make changes since the ratings weren't up to par. "I'm not angry or bitter. Something clearly wasn't working. I feel Ryan and I had the greatest chemistry on the planet. I kind of miss the afternoons. We went crazy in the afternoons and the numbers were solid."

He has no plans to move from Atlanta, partly because his wife is from here and didn't really like Boston, where he moved in 2006 to join fellow former 99Xers Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb on a rock station. In 2010, he returned to Atlanta after losing his gig up there and ended up finding work first at rock station Dave FM (now defunct), then afternoons with Ryan Cameron. He  moved with Cameron to mornings earlier this year after Frank Ski chose to leave.

Since he lost his gig, he has slept in the past two days and is about to leave on a 10-day vacation in Aruba with his wife. "I may have to have one or two fewer mai tais than I had planned,' he said.

And even if Clark can find another job in radio, he is under one of those annoying six-month noncompete clauses that keeps him off Atlanta airwaves until July. So he plans to watch a lot of daytime TV in his underwear in the interim.

Rodney Ho

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