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Posted: 8:00 a.m. Monday, Feb. 4, 2013

Shortest-lived radio station formats in Atlanta over the past 11 years 

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98.9/The Bone has been buried after five months.

By Rodney Ho

98.9/The Bone, we hardly knew ya.

The active rock format lasted all of five months before Cumulus dropped it on Friday for something else we don't yet know since 98.9 is now simulcasting Rock 100.5.

That is shortest stint of any radio format I can think of in Atlanta since I started covering radio in September, 2001. (The technical shortest was 99x at 99.1 for three months, but the format and name was around for many years in different places.)

Here's a list of radio stations in metro Atlanta that lasted three year or less since then. Thank you, radio buddy Don Kramer, for helping me compile this. This is in order from shortest to longest. As you'll notice, Clear Channel Atlanta swapped formats than any other company in town by a wide margin, though Cumulus is quickly catching up.

Nine months  Real Radio 105.3 (Born Jan. 2004. Death: Sept., 2004): Clear Channel half-heartedly started a "hot FM" talk format that featured the same syndicated dude from Florida in the morning and night using different names (Todd Schnitt and MJ) plus gravelly Scott Ferrall.

11 months: Groove 105.7 (10/19/2009-11/14/2010) This Clear Channel dance-oriented pop station segued into a more R&B/hip-hop sound when 95.5/The Beat went away.

one year: 96.7/Lite FM (12/20/2006-12/26/2007) Clear Channel basically moved the Lite format (minus the jocks) over to this weak south-leaning signal for one year

one year: 99X at 98.9 (9/15/2011-9/1/2012) - Cumulus' 99X's fifth (and possibly last) home on the FM dial lasted barely a year. It has in the past been at 99.7, 100.5, 97.9 and 99.1.

14 months  Journey 97.9. (6/17/2011 - 9/4/2012) This Cumulus station was a combo 80s and 90s pop music with Rick Dees as the central voicetracked jock. It had no local DJs.

17 months: 105.3/The Buzz (May 2005-November-2006) - The Buzz, a harder-leaning alternative rock station, came from 96.7 but when Project came aboard in November, this station disappeared.

18 months: Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7 (November, 2010-May, 2012) This is a slightly younger-skewing version of Cumulus' True Oldies 106.7 that did pretty well until near the end of its life. It's now a 24/7 news station.

21 months: 1690/Air Atlanta (Sept. 2004 - June-2006) This liberal syndicated operation was not financed properly and never gained much traction in Atlanta, lasting less than three years. Al Franken's show lasted a few more months.

Two years: 105.3/The Max (2/18/2002 -1/30/2004) For a brief time, all 80s all the time was, like, totally rad. This Clear Channel format lasted just under two years.

Two years Cool 105.7 (March, 2003- April 2005) Clear Channel grabbed the oldies crown after Fox 97.1 died in early 2003. They even hired Randy & Spiff. Ratings were modest and in 2005, Clear Channel killed it in favor of moving Hispanic station Viva 105.3.

26 months: 99X at 97.9 (4/17/2009-6/15/2011) After a couple of years online only, 99X came back on a "translator" signal for a couple of years. It then moved to 99.1 (for three months), then 98.9

Two and a half years: Mix 105.7 (fall, 2000-March, 2003) For a time, this Clear Channel classic rock station featured Christopher Rude in mornings (while he continued to do afternoons at 96rock).

Two years, eight months: 96.7/The Legend (12/26/2007-9/6/2010)  Clear Channel decided to make this signal an older-skewing country classics station, covering songs from the 1960s to 1980s as an add-on to its mainstream country station 94.9/The Bull.  The signal now simulcasts Wild 106.7.

Two years, eight months: True Oldies 106.7 (3/1/2008-11/24/2010)  What was then Citadel killed off country station Eagle 106.7 on Leap Day February 29, 2008. The company opted for oldies, which had been absent from Atlanta for a couple of yearse since Cook 105.7 died. But the term got old and they changed the name Thanksgiving 2010. Legend Scott Shannon ran the music from New York and for a brief time, inexplicably, they had Don Imus as the morning host.

Three years: 97.1/Jamz (Feb. 2003-1/1/2006) This older-leaning Cox-owned R&B/hip-hop station never quite took off. Given its northern-skewing signal, it didn't exactly cover the audience it was seeking.

Three years: Grown Folks 102.5 (January 2006--February, 2009) This Radio One station, which mixed R&B oldies with talk, included both Al Sharpton and Michael Baisden in its format.

Three years: 96.7/The Buzz (April 2002- May 2005): Clear Channel's The Buzz was an alternative format that competed with 99X on the southside before moving to 105.3.

Rodney Ho

About Rodney Ho

I cover local radio and TV for both the print and online editions. I write a blog on the same topics.

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