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WGCL reporter Jeff Chirico gets punched out during story

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CBS Atlanta investigative reporter Jeff Chirico was recently punched by a source and it was caught on video.

Chirico, who has worked at CBS Atlanta for nearly three years, was trying to interview the father of a man authorities say has been running a shady tax preparation business. According to Georgia police, the man’s son, 43-year-old Richard Wilder, stole the tax refunds of at least 32 people. As Chirico attempts to get his interview, he gets hit and falls the ground. The reporter was reportedly not hurt despite the looks of the video and the station didn't end up pressing charges, according to a report on Channel 2 Action News.  It just made for great video. which is available on the CBS Atlanta website.

And yes, go ahead and make a "Tough Questions" joke. Too easy, eh?

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