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Boston Market exec fires Duluth employee on 'Undercover Boss'

Boston Market

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CBS's "Undercover Boss" usually vets out employees to work with the undercover executive who are inspiring, hard-working people deserving of some sort of prize at the end, be it a trip, cash or a promotion.

This past Friday, instead, the producers found a cynical Perez Hilton wannabe at the Duluth Boston Market named Ronnie, who ended up getting fired on camera from Boston Market Chief Brand Officer Sara Bittorf.

Over four seasons and 53 episodes (including four companies based out of Atlanta including Moe's Southwest Grill and Cinnabon), this is the first time a firing has ever happened on camera.

Ronnie spent camera time disparaging the customers, mocking their cleanliness, their ability to order in a timely fashion and hating on young children and old people. 

"They're customers," he said at one point. "They're not anything special... I hate customers more than anything in the world. It's all about them all the time."

Umm... so why are you in a service job?


Bittorf actually kept her game face on a lot longer than I would have.  You can watch a longer clip here though the moment she actually cans him isn't included.

Eventually, she orders the branch manager to let him go. He is unrepentent: ''I would tell them my attitude would change but I didn't think it was that terrible. It's not wrong of me to hate people."

The cover story for Sara was that she's competing in a reality show to start her own restaurant business. Clearly, this guy had no clue he was on "Undercover Boss" or that he was talking to one of his (now former) bosses. Then again, maybe he didn't care.

Coincidentally or not, this episode hit nearly 10 million viewers, a season high.

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