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Which TV shows have the most popular Facebook pages?


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Social media is one measure of popularity and engagement for any brand or entity. This isn't any different for TV shows. So I decided to see how various shows ranked in terms of Facebook followers.

I sampled more than 100 programs from across the spectrum, from morning shows to prime-time dramas to reality programming.

Based on what the numbers below, FB numbers are not perfectly correlated with viewership. Other factors include longevity of the show (even if you don't watch a program anymore, it's probably rare for you to take un-"like" them after the fact), demographics (the youth, of course, are more likely to "like" something) and how aggressive the network is pushing people to the page. 

CBS is the most popular network so it's not surprising three of their shows are at the top of the scripted category. The CW and ABC Family shows, which draw young females, also garner more followers relative to total viewers. ("Pretty Little Liars" has more FB followers than "Modern Family"!) Sci-fi and supernatural shows tend to draw big numbers, including the two shot in metro Atlanta, "Vampire Diaries" and 'Walking Dead." And the top animated shows ("Family Guy" and "The Simpsons") blow everyone else out of the water.

The most popular scripted show I could find was CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men at 29.5 million. Fox's animated series "The Simpsons" had the most followers of any show I could find at a whopping 61 million. Biggest reality show is Fox's "American Idol," of course, with 10 million followers. Ellen DeGeneres was the most popular daytime host at 9.3 million, with Comedy Central's Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" tops among late-night hosts with 3.7 million.

Other observations:

- CBS's "CSI: Miami," which was cancelled last year, has more than double the FB followers of either "CSI: NY" or the original "CSI." And to my surprise, "CSI: NY" has more followers than "CSI."

- AMC's "Breaking Bad" has nearly twice as many followers as sister show "Mad Men."

- HBOs' "Girls" pulls in fewer FB followers than TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland."

- ABC's "Wipeout" has far more FB followers than the network's "Dancing With the Stars."

- TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" has fewer than half as many FB followers as A&E's "Hoarders."

- TNT's "Dallas" has more FB likes than PBS's "Downton Abbey" or Showtime's "Homeland."

- History's "Pawn Stars" demolishes NBC's 'America's Got Talent" in FB likes.

- Comedy Central's "Tosh.O" has triple the FB likes of "The Colbert Show."

- FX's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" outshines CBS's "Survivor" in FB likes.

- Lifetime's "Project Runway" and Bravo's 'Top Chef" have virtually thes same number of FB followers.

Note: This is not comprehensive. I was just picking programs I figured were popular or had Atlanta connections.  Feel free to tell me any I've missed and I can add them.


Sampling of scripted shows still in production with programs shot locally in bold

Two and a Half Men: 29.5 million

The Big Bang Theory 24.8 million

How I Met Your Mother: 23.1 million

Glee: 22.2 million

Grey's Anatomy: 19.9 million

NCIS: 16.8 million

The Walking Dead: 15.3 million

The Vampire Diaries: 15.2 million

Dexter: 13.1 million

Supernatural: 11.1 million

True Blood: 11 million

The Office: 10.6 million

Pretty Little Liars: 10.1 million

CSI: NY: 7.8 million

Modern Family: 7.1 million

CSI: 6.8 million

The Game: 6.5 million

Law & Order: SVU: 5.9 million

Sons of Anarchy: 5.3 million

The Mentalist: 4.9 million

Game of Thrones:  4.9 milliion

The Secret Life of an American Teenager: 4.6 million

Breaking Bad: 4.2 million

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 3.2 million

NCIS: Los Angeles: 3.15 million

Castle: 2.9 million

Once Upon a Time: 2.6 million

Psych: 2.6 million

Teen Wolf: 2.3 million

New Girl: 2.25 million

Mad Men: 2.2 million

Revenge: 1.67 million

Hawaii Five-O: 1.3 million

Homeland: 1.05 million

Suits: 1.03 million

Downton Abbey:  1 million

Parks & Rec: 989K

Army Wives: 915K

Parenthood: 851K

2 Broke Girls: 811K

Drop Dead Diva: 692K (technically canceled but the production company is trying to keep it alive)

Smash: 690K

Scandal: 591K

Person of Interest: 557K

Hot in Cleveland: 534K

Revolution: 506K

Girls: 495K

Nashville: 486K

Mike  & Molly: 458K

Portlandia: 445K

Single Ladies: 379K

The Following: 324K

Necessary Roughness: 267K

Let’s Stay Together: 67K

Reed Between the Lines: 62K

Rickey Smiley Show: 45K

Second Generation Wayans: 12K

Sampling of animated shows

The Simpsons: 61.2 million

Family Guy: 50.1 million

South Park: 44.47 million

Futurama: 25.96 million

American Dad: 16.3 million

Archer: 1.3 million

Bob’s Burgers: 336K

A sampling of reality shows

American Idol:  10 million

Tosh.O: 9.2 million

Keeping Up with the Kardashians:  7 million

America’s Next Top Model: 7 million

The X Factor: 6.6 million

Wipeout: 5.7 million

The Voice; 5.1 million

Dancing With the Stars: 3.8 million

Survivor: 2.9 million

Big Brother: 2.7 million

Pawn Stars: 2.7 million

Deadliest Catch: 2.4 million

America’s Got Talent 1.9 million

America's Funniest Home Videos: 1.7 million

Real Housewives of Atlanta: 1.6 million (more than any other “Real Housewives” program)

Project Runway: 1.56 million

Top Chef: 1.54 million

Storage Wars: 1.4 million

Swamp People: 1.3 million

Say Yes to the Dress: 1.2 million

The Bachelor: 1.08 million

Intervention: 956K

Dance Moms: 803K

Ice Road Truckers: 578K

Hoarders: 442K

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: 389K

Antiques Roadshow: 327K

Undercover Boss: 272K

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: 201K

Buckwild: 193K

Auction Kings: 55K

R&B Divas: 49K

Property Virgins: 44K

Double Divas: 11K


A sampling of shows out of production

Jersey Shore: 19 million

Friends:  17.8 million

CSI: Miami: 16.7 million

Sex & the City: 13.2 million

Gossip Girl: 13 million

Desperate Housewives: 11.5 million

Teen Mom (the original): 7.7 million

Weeds: 5.3 million

Seinfeld: 4.9 million

24: 4.17 million

Fringe: 3.8 million

King of Queens: 3.4 million

Private Practice: 3.2 million

The Sopranos: 2.5 million

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne: 2.5 million

Deadliest Catch: 2.4 million

30 Rock: 2.4 million

The Wire: 1.8 million

Arrested Development: 1.69 million

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse: 389K         

The Andy Griffith Show: 252K

Morning shows

Today Show: 1.2 million

Good Morming America: 1 million

CBS This Morning: 182K

Sampling of daytime talk shows

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: 9.3 million

The Doctors: 1.95 million

General Hospital: 891K

The Wendy Williams Show: 886K

The View: 543K

The Chew: 518K

Judge Judy: 502K

Live with Kelly and Michael: 327K

Katie Couric: 120K

Steve Harvey Show: 93K

Dr. Phil: 32K

Late night talk shows

Daily Show with Jon Stewart: 3.7 million

Colbert Report: 2.8 million

Conan: 2 million

Chelsea Lately: 1.6 million

Jimmy Fallon: 518K

Jay Leno: 492K

Jimmy Kimmel: 412K

David Letterman: 404K

Craig Ferguson: 263K

TBS/TNT shows

Conan: 2 million

Dallas: 1.2 million

Cougar Town: 1.17 million

The Closer: 1.1 million (ended in 2012)

Leverage: 808K (ended in 2012)

Rizzoli & Isles: 754K

Falling Skies:  561K

Southland: 483K

Franklin & Bash: 268K

Major Crimes: 165K

King of the Nerds: 76K               

Perception: 62K

Men at Work: 55K

Monday Mornings: 39K

Sullivan & Sons: 33K

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