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Posted: 11:31 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013

Radio/TV bits: Steve Harvey's hottest husband contest, Kenny Burns, Jennifer Valdez, Amanda Davis 

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Travis Trammmell
Steve Harvey talk show
Travis Trammel from Atlanta competed for the Hottest Husband contest on the "Steve Harvey" talk show, airing today at 1 p.m. on WAGA-TV.

By Rodney Ho

Part-time Atlantan Steve Harvey, on his talk show in Chicago, recently taped a "Hottest Husband" contest, which is set to air today at 1 p.m. on WAGA-TV locally.

Atlantan Travis Trammell, a husband of three and full-time nurse, was nominated by his wife and hairdresser Keisha, unbeknowest to him. She wrote a seven-page letter rhapsodizing about her husband and his dedication to her and his three kids (Amyah, 7; Kennedy, 2; Silas, four months). She especially appreciated how he picked up the pace while she was in the hospital last fall with Silas, who was premature.

Trammell is a dedicated fan of Harvey, listens to his radio show on Majic 107.5/97.5 every morning. He's read Harvey's books on relationships as well. "I can identify with his life story," Trammell said. "I admire the way he's overcome so much."

They taped the show earlier this month. Trammell, 43, said he was up against three much younger guys, including one who resembled a linebacker and another who was a fireman. He also had to take off his shirt. He's been so busy the past year, he hasn't worked out regularly but in the days leading up to the taping, he said he did what he could and at least came up with a "four-pack." He said he did his best to sell his personal story and love for family.

"I’m an ordinary guy," Trammell said to me. "What brings out anything extraordinary in me is my wife and my family."

He and Harvey bonded over the fact they are both Omega brothers. Trammell also graduated from Morehouse College, which is where two of Harvey's sons attend now.

I won't say if Trammell won or not but the winner not only gets a crown and sceptor, but also a five-day trip to Aruba. [UPDATE at 3 p.m.: Travis did indeed won with 39% of the audience vote. They hope to take the trip later this year.]

"I saw it as an opportunity to share our love and we felt like we were winners whether we won or not," said Keisha, who owns Beautiful Klue hair salon in Smyrna.

- V-103's Kenny Burns, a weekend jock for the past two years, has left the station, sources tell me.

I'm awaiting a call back from Rick Caffey to see if he has any more details.

- CBS Atlanta "Better Mornings" meteorologist Jennifer Valdez had her second child last week.  Paul Ossmann is covering for her. She wrote a note last week on her Facebook page:

Thank you so much to everyone for all of the well wishes! Lucas arrived 3 1/2 weeks early and his lungs needed a little more time to develop, so he's still working on getting better at the hospital...But I hope to bring him home soon. As soon as he's home I'll be sure to post pics of my handsome little fighter.

- I tried to wrangle some new information from Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis' attorney William Head about her case. He simply said it could drag on for quite awhile now that it's been moved to Fulton County courts. No trial date has been set yet, he wrote me in an email. Davis was arrested last fall for a DUI and reckless driving.  She remains on leave of absence from the station.

Rodney Ho

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