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Radio briefs: Whither 2 Live Stews? Mitch Evans, Margot

2 Live Stews
790/The Zone

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The 2 Live Stews non compete restrictions ended Sunday, June 30.

But they are not back on the air in Atlanta yet.

What's going on?

Their agent Norm Schrutt said the brothers have interested parties he won't identify but nobody has given them a hard offer yet.

Certainly, one of those interested parties is 92.9/The Game. After eight months on the air, the Game is making a few minor changes but so far, those changes do not include the Stews, who have been off the AM/FM airwaves since September, 2012. Their first radio employer 790/The Zone, who helped make them stars, took them off the air three months early but paid them through the end of 2012.

A common radio axiom is the longer a personality is off the air, the lower their perceived value because listeners have short memories (unless they're fans of the Kimmer, it seems). So the Zone, figuring the Stews might land at a competitor, took them off the mic early so they'd be absent from the air for even longer than the standard six-month non-compete clause most radio personalities have.

Some observers feel the Game lacks enough game-changing personalities that have brand value in this town and that's reflective in their disappointing ratings thus far. The Stews would become automatic stars on the station.

The one change the Game did make today was to place Mitch Evans on with Jamie Dukes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. "until further notice," Evans noted on Facebook yesterday. He said he hopes that notice never comes. Evans, if he stays, woud be replacing Jerome Jurenovich, who left a few weeks ago because of other obligations. Dukes has been juggling substitute co-hosts since.

Evans had been an overnight shift on his own since the Game debuted in October.

What have Doug and Ryan Stewart been up to? Doug hasn't responded to inquiries but I had a brief text exchange with Ryan.

Ryan works on his 2 Live Stews Foundation, has a Comcast show called SEC Tonight, mentors kids and takes his own kids to school. He wrote that he has also lowers his golf handicap.  He performed in a play called 'Stripped" in late May/early June. He does some round-table commentary on HLN, too. (See below.) And while the inability to work at his primary craft must be frustrating and annoying, he wrote that he's blessed and thankful.


Margot Chobanian (known on air as Margot Smith), former music director and evening jock for rock station Dave FM, stayed on last October when the station became sports talk 92.9/The Game as a behiind-the-scenes producer. She started her own online only station EAV (East Atlanta Village) radio, a rock station in her image, done the way she wish she had been able to program Dave.

But her father has been ill in Michigan and she wants to spend time with him, at least part time. So she has turned in her resignation papers at the Game. Her final day: July 19. She will continue to operate EAV, in hopes of turning it into a viable business.


Kelly Stevens is looking for work. He expressed no bitterness on his final day on air last Friday on B98.5. He brought his wife on the mic and took calls from fans, telling them to continue to listen to the station despite his departure. He also played a "sizzle reel" demo of some of his voice-over ad work in hopes of finding more. The final two songs before he left the air were not planned but apropos: Pearl Jam's "Better Man" and Dido's "Thank You."

He worked with Alpha Trivette on B98.5 for nine years until 2008, then return in 2011 to work with Vikki Locke. When Locke chose to leave to take care of her father in Michigan, B98.5 decided to drop Stevens as well and seek a new morning show which has yet to be named.

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