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Posted: 5:11 p.m. Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lifetime revives "Drop Dead Diva" for fifth season 

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Drop Dead Diva is back
"Drop Dead Diva" comes back from the dead!

By Rodney Ho

Just heard from "Drop Dead Diva" creator Josh Berman: Lifetime has decided to pick up the Peachtree City-based show a few weeks after cancelling it.

He didn't provide any details but told TV Line that Sony, which produces the show, found a way to rejigger the finances and convince Lifetime to give it another try.

As Berman noted, ratings were up season four over three, which made the initial move to cancel it somewhat quixotic.

Lifetime, perhaps looking at its budget and other scripted shows in development, decided "Drop Dead Diva" was worth another year, set to return this summer for 13 episodes.  And its fans helped save the show, flooding the network with pleas to bring it back, Berman said.

Over the past few weeks, Sony has been negotiating with Lifetime and other networks to keep it alive. It kept the sets in Peachtree City and the actors from moving on. Berman had enough hope that he and the writers continued to hammer out an outline for season five.

The show had left fans with a major cliffhanger in the final season four episode that they can now address. In the episode's final moments, Grayson kisses Jane (who is really Deb in Jane's body). Owen sees them, then has a heart attack. Given what was going on up in heaven, Jane (who had died in the opening episode season one and stuck in limbo ever since) may or may not have landed in the body of Owen.

This is not the first time a network has changed a cancellation decision. AMC first nixed "The Killing" after two seasons, then changed its mind. That drama returns in May.

Lifetime is currently promoting its hit show "The Client List," back next week, and soon after that, "Army Wives." Later this year, Lifetime brings on two new dramas: "Witches of East End" and "Devious Maids," which was originally set for ABC and is now shooting in Atlanta.

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