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Jeff Foxworthy adds reality competition show: CBS's "The American Baking Competition'

Jeff Foxworthy
Rodney Ho/rho@ajc.com

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Amiable Alpharetta stand-up comic Jeff Foxworthy has found another profession to his liking: reality show host.

He already has two successful game-show hosting gigs under his comedic belt: Fox's "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" (2007-2009) and GSN's "The American Bible Challenge" (2012-present).

Now CBS has asked him to host a summer reality show "The American Baking Competition," based on a British reality competition show. In it amateur bakers compete for some unspecified prize, along the lines of "Top Shot," "Top Chef," "Project Runway," et. al.

His congenial, quick-witted clean comedic style suits him well for the rhythms of a game show setting.

According to the exclusive story on deadline.com(the go-to place apparently for this type of news nowadays):

Paul Hollywood, the star UK baker and judge of the British series, will reprise his role on the US version, joined by chef Marcela Valladolid.The American Baking Competition features skilled amateurs competing in baking challenges with one ultimately being crowned the winner.

Foxworthy later this year will also take part in an animated CMT series "Bounty Hunters" featuring animated versions of him and two of his "Blue Collar" buddies Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy.

I'm awaiting to see if I can grab him on the phone but he's in production on the bakery show as I write this, according to his publicist.

Game-show hosting works great for Foxworthy because it involves relatively modest amounts of time to tape multiple shows a day while in Los Angeles.

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