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Wendy Williams on RHOA: she saw the Porsha/Kordell divorce coming

Wendy Williams
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Wendy Williams is very popular in Atlanta. Her daily talk show pulls in big ratings at 10 a.m. on Fox 5 every day.

So she was happy to get on the phone with me earlier this week to dish about extending her season into July, two months longer than most talk shows, and all the gossip emanating from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," which has its season finale this Sunday.

She said she requested the extra shows. "I knew I needed full cooperation from the staff. I don't want to be the only one happy about working. But we've created an environment on the show that the staff likes to be here."

This is her fourth season on air and ratings wise, it's been the best ever, she said. "I happen to be a woman who loves what I do. I only need three, four days off and I'm ready to go back to work!"

By being on after May, "we'll be able to handle an incredible first: Kim Kardashian's birth!"

And based on feedback, she recently expanded her "hot topics" segment, which is basically her riffing on pop culture topics of the day. It used to be eight to ten minutes. Now it can go as long as 20 minutes. "As long as stars misbehave, as long as there's information about celebrities, there's never a shortage of topics," she said.

She hopes to come to Atlanta in August during her break. "Atlanta is a city that has embraced me from the beginning when we jumped on. I would never overlook such a beautiful city with such good food."

I then asked her about our fine "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

- The Kordell Stewart/Porsha Stewart divorce. "We played a clip today when I talked to Porsha in December. I said to her, 'You need to get off the reality show or your marriage will end.' I have her some tough love. I love Porsha. I told her that she has a great marriage. It seems like she had a happy marriage with a man who adores her. But reality TV will undo it all. You will have a broken marriage. Here we are."

In general, she thinks "Real Housewives" is toxic for many marriages. She counted, of 67 housewives to date, 17 have divorced (with Porsha being a potential 18th.). That's a pretty lousy record.

"Generally speaking, one spouse wants to be on TV more than the other. In the case of Porsha, Kordell reluctantly agreed for her to do it for the first season. The word is that he did not want her to do a second season. He wanted her to concentrate on being a family woman. Kordell comes off as a controlling husband."

"We forget that they're real people. They entertain us. We laugh with them and at them. But at the end of the day, they are adults. They've elected to be on a reality show and put their information out there for us to look and judge."

- Nene and Gregg pending remarriage. She annoyed Nene recently by wondering whether their relationship is more business than romance. Nene on Twitter proceeded to slag Wendy's marriage. She said she wishes them well and hopes they get remarried. That would a first in "Real Housewives" history.

- Kenya Moore: "I think Kenya is for real. She's absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely want her stallion booty over a donkey booty. I said this before: Kenya is a can short of a six pack in the head. She's a bit cuckoo. I don't believe Kenya should have a spinoff. A spinoff won't work. She's perfect entertainment right there on 'Real Housewives' in Atlanta.


'The Wendy Williams Show," 10 a.m. weekdays, Fox 5/WAGA-TV, also repeated at 12:05 a.m. weekdays on BET

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