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11 Alive's Karyn Greer cowrites "I Am a Mother' book

Karyn Greer
Rodney Ho/rho@ajc.com

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Five years ago, 11Alive anchor Karyn Greer hosted an event for the release of David Manuel's "I Am a Father" book.

She later told him she wanted to help him write a companion book to celebrate motherhood, which ultimately became "I Am a Mother."

The self-published book came out last week, just in time for Mother's Day this Sunday and is available for purchase at www.i-am-books.com. It should be on Amazon soon.

"I thought it would be neat to share mothers' stories and journeys, with great pictures," said Greer, who held a book signing last week at 200 Peachtree in downtown Atlanta to herald its release. "I wanted people to know the kinds of challenges mothers face."

Greer, who has been with 11 Alive as an anchor for 13 years, got a few local celebrities (Jasmine Guy, Regina Belle, Monica Pearson) involved but tried to find a variety of people of different races and backgrounds.

"There's a two-time breast cancer survivor who had a baby during chemo and now has a beautiful daughter. One lady had been imprisoned and her daughter was being raised by her husband," she said.

She has two teenage songs - Tyler, 14, and Kyle, 17. "Kyle is going to Wake Forest in three months," she said. "I remember like it was just yesterday he was born, teaching him how to walk and talk. Now he's moving on to that next phase in life. I'm in awe of the whole process of life."

Manuel, the coauthor who runs the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center in DeKalb County, said the timing of the release is tough because his mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. "At the end of the day, it's a blessing to have it out. This is a project I prayed about," he said.

He also said the book took longer to put together than he had expected, hampered by the fact they are both parents with kids and full-time jobs. "The result came out very well. It's an up-close, personal insight on some of today's most dynamic mothers in the United States. I love their honest testimony of their trials, their triumphs, their successes and failures. For new mothers, this can be a guideline to motherhood, which isn't always glamorous but is one of the most important jobs you can ever have."

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