TV/radio briefs: 'Jeopardy,' 'Scandal,' Kelly McCoy's house fire

Kristen Jolley

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Kristen Jolley, a senior at Georgia Tech from Alpharetta, will be competing for $100,000 tonight and tomorrow on "Jeopardy" in the annual college student competition.

[UPDATE 5/16: Kristen is in second place after one game, with $10,000, behind the MIT dude at $11,000 but ahead of Georgetown's man at $8,600. The winner is based on a two-day total. None of the three contestants got the final Jeopardy question about which two presidents started as vice presidents, then became presidents in reverse order. Kristen herself started slow but picked up steam in Double Jeopardy, garnering a crucial Daily Double at $3,000.]

The classic game show airs on WXIA-TV at 7:30 p.m. weekdays.

Jolley didn't win her first round but was able to land a wild-card spot after winning $19,000.

In Tuesday's semi-final round, she pulled off a close victory, pocketing a relative modest $7,401. She was aggressive, getting 15 answers right and 7 wrong, a ratio that normally isn't victory worthy. But like any game where luck is an element, she hit the right answers when she needed to, including her one Daily Double, which was fortunately a biology question for a biology major. (Her opponents answered 29 correctly and 8 wrong combined but each blew their Daily Double opportunities.)

She narrowly led going into the final Jeopardy round, with $9,600. Fortunately for her, nobody was able to figure out the final Jeopardy question: "Because Internet censors block mentions of this 1989 date, Chinese bloggers write it as '535.' " And she didn't sacrifice too much money ($2,199) and eked out a win.

The question was "What is June 4?" "535" was code for the fourth day after May 31.

Jolley, in an interview today, marvelled how quickly a game goes by - a mere 22 minutes, minus commercials. "You feel you're getting into the swing of things," she said. "You learn how to use the buzzer. Then it's over."

She said there were a couple of times she knew the correct answer but her brain shortcircuited and another answer came out of her mouth.

Jolley grew up in Lilburn and Alpharetta, graduating Chattahoochee High School. She was active in academic team, where her love of trivia germinated. Her middle schoo team came in second in state, she said, and in high school, her team won several times. Modestly, she said, "I don't know if it was me or the team."

She didn't watch much TV growing up but had free cable at Georgia Tech, where she got into "Jeopardy." It took her three tries to make it on the show. 

She is set to graduate in December with a degree in biology. She plans to go to grad school or get a job at the Georgia Aquarium. The $100,000 will likely go to student loans, she said.


Tonight, V-103's Egypt Sherrod and WAOK's Mo Ivory will host a "Scandal" finale party at Buckead Bottle Bar open to the public. I expect it will be quite popular given how the show has heated up in terms of buzz.


Former B98.5 DJ Kelly McCoy, who retired last year, suffered a house fire a few days ago. While inconvenient, he said everything is fine, thanks to good insurance, aaccording to this account on his Facebook page:

First, THANKS for the love, support, offers to help, and over all kindness from so many. Our neighborhood, friends, and Facebook friends I really "don't know" have humbled us again. Fabulous insurance makes things a lot easier. We are in an extended stay until we find a house to rent. Great facility that's pet friendly near the Forum. Lola is excited to have a new play area. Princess made it to Spain OK. We will be out of our house 6-8 months, but we will have a new house when we return. The smoke smell is the biggest problem. Fire damage was only in the garage. Serious water damage in the shop, and bonus room which is over the garage. Any other water damage was from the water that had followed the beams/studs to other areas. The Johns Creek Fire Department guys worked it so water and fire were pushed away from the main part of the house. New car for me, and Colin. All in all, first class group of people who know what they're doing. My line of the week is,"at least week we didn't have to pick out caskets, or visit a burn unit." God blessed us again.

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