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Posted: 1:29 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kordell Stewart bites back at Porsha Stewart in court papers, citing her 'financial negligence' and 'unreasonable sense of entitlement' 

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Kordell Stewart
Getty Images
Kordell Stewart is now fighting over his image and reputation in court filings with his separated wife Porsha Stewart of "Real Housewives" fame.


Porsha Stewart photo
Getty Images
Porsha Stewart at the upfront Bravo presentation in New York City last month just days after her husband filed for divorce.

By Rodney Ho

The pending divorce of Kordell and Porsha Stewart is anything but amicable.

In court papers filed yesterday in the Superior Court of Fulton County on the second anniversary of their marriage, 40-year-old Kordell responded to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Porsha's first filings "to correct Respondent's allegations and mistruths." He highlighted her alleged "unreasonable sense of entitlement" and "financial negligence," including a failure to pay taxes and losing a condo.

He also isn't happy that Porsha Wililams Stewart, 31, has refused to enter a confidentiality order. She had told the media she was blindsided and learned about the divorce via Twitter. He said in the filing that he had had "several conversations with [Porsha] for several months prior to the divorce action being filed in which she requested that he file for divorce." He claimed she told him that she had "nothing to lose" and even proposed they stay married "for business purposes."

In his original divorce filing May 22, he dubbed the marriage "irretrievably broken" and felt he shouldn't have to pay spousal support because Porsha is "an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself,"

Porsha,a grand-daughter of the late civil rights icon Hosea Williams, had earlier requested to live in their eight-bedroom Roswell mansion as well as receive temporary alimony and attorney's fees. He felt the attorney fee request was "unreasonable and vindictive behavior," according to his May 21 filing.

In an April 2 filing, Porsha had complained that Kordell had "taken steps to deny [Porsha] the opportunity to enter her marital home.  She later said Stewart had changed the locks on their home May 8. Kordell wrote that she left the home April 2. In the filing, he wrote that "previous to this time period, [Porsha] established a routine of leaving Petitioner's pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties' marriage, and Petitioner's nine year old son [who is from a previous relationship.]"

Kordell said he sent her a note May 3 saying he was changing the locks because "I was concerned for our safety... If and when you need to get in give me a heads up so you can get in."

He said that her efforts to "portray herself as the victim without money who has been locked out of the residence without her personal belongings is simply not true and an attempt [to] attack [Kordell's] character and reputation.... [Porsha] is simply trying to stir the pot in the media to make her more marketable in the media. [Porsha] would not have the celebrity status she has without [Kordell's] generosity."

Kordell told Porsha via letter she could create a list of things she needed from the home and he would provide those that were "reasonable."

He questioned her complaint that she said she was forced to live with her mother, saying "she is a celebrity and has income through appearances, endorsements, Bravo and other entities," noting her trips to Las Vegas and New York. "Respondent should be capable of supporting herself but may not be able to as a result of her own financial negligence."

He said Porsha's condo she had owned before her marriage to Kordell had been foreclosed upon despite his pleas for her to sell it. He said she hasn't paid pre-marital taxes. He gave her money to pay them, he wrote, but she used the cash "for grooming and clothing items."

He feels he has "paid and sacrificed enough."

In her initial response to his divorce filing, Kordell said she sold her own unspecified businesses to care for his minor child after she got married to him in 2011 and her "earning capacity was set back significantly."

While this dispute is happening in a very public way, Porsha's attorney Randall Kessler released a statement today:

In response to the many inquiries regarding the status of the case, we are continuing our efforts to resolve this matter privately and hope to be able to do so as it is in the parties’ best interests to do everything possible to conclude things quickly.  Unfortunately the case remains open and pending. 

Kessler was also NeNe Leakes' attorney for her divorce to Gregg Leakes. They are now getting remarried.

The filing also included a "Temporary Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit."

In it, Porsha is called a "Homemaker/Philanthropist," with total gross income of $45,000 in 2012, (presumably from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."  Assuming the show was her only source of income and this is accurate, she only received about $2,000 per episode from Bravo season one. I hope she gets a generous raise season two.  It also revealed her supposed monthly expenses, which total a whopping $31,410 a month, though $10,000 of that is for "clothing," identified as "necessary for employment and public appearances."

The paperwork does not reveal Kordell's income, expenses or assets. Kordell, a former NFL player, is an afternoon host on sports talk radio station 92.9/The Game. He has not publicly talked about the split with anybody in the media or brought it up on the radio show that I know of.

Their next hearing is set for June 10.

Kordell purchased the Roswell home for $1.35 million in January, 2011, four months before they got married. Zillow prices the 9,175-square-foot home at $1.63 million.  I don't have any evidence that Porsha's name is attached to the home.

Rodney Ho

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I cover local radio and TV for both the print and online editions. I write a blog on the same topics.

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