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First day of the Kimmer on All News 106.7, debuting Nov. 4

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After a seven-year break, Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson returned to Atlanta airwaves today, this time on All News 106.7.

The last time he was on the air, James Brown was still alive, Barack Obama was a junior Senator and Miley Cyrus was still known better as Hannah Montana, not a tongue-wagging twerker.

But the Kimmer, who was let go from news/talk WGST AM 640 in 2006 after a long run there,is still his goofy self. He was joined by his sidekick Pete "Snake" Davis and celebrity voice man Jim Gossett, who did his old takes on David Letterman, Ronald Reagan, Regis Philbin, Charlton Heston, Larry King, Bill Clinton and even John Kerry. In some ways, it still felt like 2006 that way.

His infectious laugh, his sayings ("I gotta go, you're killing me!" "Semper fi!" "It's only me, the Kimmer!"), his self-deprecating sense of humor all remained. It's a shtick that his fans absolutely revered and many called in to welcome him back.

The Kimmer is clearly happy to be on the airwaves again. He uttered "Oh mercy!" and "Holy Mackerel!" several times.

He took dozens of calls from adoring fans and even Wayne "No Offense" Kitchens, a former producer who is now a Delta mechanic and makes way too much money to go back to radio. He recounted the time in 2005 he was taken to court over beating up someone for spitting on him, then headbutting him after a veterans' parade. (I wrote about it eight years ago.) And he told the listeners how relieved he was to get out of Florida and return to Atlanta (while not particularly enjoying bumper music by Pitbull and Daft Punk but singing along to Don Henley's "Boys of Summer.") 

"I've forgotten how fun this is," he said at one point during his first hour. "I tell ya. I'm not worthy! Talk about second chances in life!"

Later, after some technical snafus, he added, "This will get better. I promise you! This will be strange for awhile... I'm very grateful."

On the radio

"The Kimmer Show," noon to 3 p.m., weekdays, All News 106.7

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