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Did Tucker's Roy Wooley win Syfy's "Face Off"?

Roy Wooley

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Tucker special effects makeup specialist Roy Wooley just missed winning Syfy's "Face Off" Tuesday night.

At a boisterous viewing party for Wooley at Famous Pub in Toco Hills, the crown groaned when judge Glenn Hetrick announced that Laura Tyler of Orlando, Fl.a took home $100,000.  They then applauded and cheered Wooley for the effort, raising their glasses for the Netherworld specialist.

This fifth season originally started as a mix of newbies and returnees. Not surprisingly, the final three were all returnees, including Wooley, who finished fourth season three.

Wooley was up against two strong contenders: Tate Steinsiek of Brooklyn, N.Y and Tyler, who was in the finals season three. Wooley felt she should have won that year. 

The final theme was based on "Swan Lake" with help from the L.A. Ballet. The challenge was to create two characters: a woman transforming into a swan and the sorcerer who put on the spell.

"Oh, crap. Ballet," Wooley said. He also had to choose a time frame and picked the Ming Dynasty.

While the judges were positive about his creations, they were equally effusive of those made by the other two. So the fact he lost wasn't exactly a shock.

But after the show aired, he defended his work, cigarette in hand, signature  cowboy hat on his head. "I felt ours fit the ballet better than any of the others," he said, "and not like an alien." Here's his work:

(You can see Laura and Tate's works here.)

He told me earlier that he was really just glad to be in the finals and that he achieved.

"Thank you guys for coming out tonight," Wooley said to the audience. "You have no idea to have this kind of support."

He noted that in a calendar year, he was out 17 weeks doing two seasons of "Face Off." (The show takes a lot longer to do than "Project Runway" or "Top Chef" because of the time it takes to sculpt and mold the creations.)

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