Cynthia Bailey hosts a fashion show... at a new Walmart

Cynthia Bailey with model
Rodney Ho/

Walmart and fashion are not words you normally pair together.

But there I was today at a fashion show at a new Walmart on Cascade Road in southwest Atlanta hosted by Cynthia Bailey from "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

This particular Walmart, which opened a month ago, pitched a tent in the parking lot on a chilly Saturday morning which fortunately turned into a pleasant afternoon. The store offered free Community Coffee and styling tips from a fashion professional named Middleman Fresh (surely not the name you would see on his birth certificate.)

The fashions included athletic wear, casual wear and a Christmas sweater that you'll never see on "Project Runway." Bailey herself was gracious and worked hard as hostess to make every stitch of clothing sound and look enticing, also noting their modest prices because this is Walmart we're talking about. (To clarify, Bailey is not starting her own fashion line. She was merely highlighting Walmart clothing.)

There was not a single Bravo camera in sight, which also meant none of her RHOA buddies came by.

I spoke to her briefly in the video below, where she talked about her fibroids in her uterus causing her stomach to inflate, a storyline we saw last Sunday, and some issues with Bar One, which shares a landlord with the building that houses her Bailey Agency. She is also introducing a doll line and recently came out with a book with her husband Peter Thomas about relationships called "Carry-On Baggage: Our Non-Stop Flight."

My favorite line from her comes near the end of the interview when I asked her how she deals with Kenya Moore, since she's the only person who is remotely a friend to her among the ladies on the show: "I put Kenya in the Kenya box."  That must be some nutty box!


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