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Amanda Davis DUI case in limbo a year later

Just over a year ago, at 12:30 a.m. Nov.11, former Fox 5 anchor Amanda Davis' life changed forever on Piedmont Ave.

She was allegedly driving southbound in a northbound lane in Midtown when she crashed her green Fiat into a black Toyota Corolla.

The Atlanta police charged her with DUI, reckless driving and failure to maintain lane.

Her haunted, disheveled mugshot was plastered all over the Web. She was immediately taken off the air. In April, she "retired" after 26 years in an awkward on-air goodbye. The victim David Jarmin sued her in civil court in June.

Since then, there has been no progress on her criminal case. In January, the case was moved from the city of Atlanta to Fulton County, which her attorney William C. Head said at the time would cause a massive delay.

Head was right. As the clock has ticked past 12 months, the case is still pending with no court date set.

Davis remains in legal limbo, a twilight zone of uncertainty.

George Stein, a well-known local lawyer specializing in DUIs, said, this delay is not unusual in Fulton County. "They have a tremendous caseload there," he said,  noting that cases coming from the city can often take nine to 15 months to get a trial date. "It's what you call judicial limbo land."

Sidmel Estes, a former long-time executive producer at WAGA-TV with Davis, remains close friends with her and as a media consultant, advises her and shops her around to other TV stations.  Estes is also helping Davis try to find a "Plan B" outside of broadcast news.

She said Davis, who has not done any interviews since the arrest, is "doing fine. The length of the DUI case is one of her main frustrations. She's hanging in there. She's in good spirits, better than I would be."

Getting her work in TV news is a challenge, Estes said, given that she is over 50 and the legal cases remain pending. (The civil case can't move forward until the criminal case is resolved.)

Estes said when Fox 5 wanted to get her out of her contract, which was to  expire next  year, management agreed to let her say an on-air goodbye but vetted her statement, which does not reference her DUI. "It was a very difficult negotiation about the wording," she said.

By policy, Fox 5 does not comment about personnel issues. 

"She's very popular," Estes said. "She has a lot of support in the community."

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