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HGTV's 'Property Brothers' in Atlanta shooting two shows

Property Brothers

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The dashing Drew and Jonathan Scott aka "The Property Brothers" are shooting two of their HGTV reality shows in Atlanta and will be here well into next year.

If you'd like to be on the show, email propertybrothers@cineflix.com.

They are slo are offering a chance for 50 Atlanta fans to meet the brothers in person November 9, courtesy of Country Financial. You can sign up here to try to gain a spot.  If you win, you get this:

  • A complimentary breakfast buffet
  • A photo with the Property Brothers
  • Advice, facts and myths about finding and insuring your dream home
  • Tips on the latest design trends

Drew Scott, the one who wears suits and works on the real estate end, said in a recent phone interview that the Atlanta-based episodes of both "Property Brothers" and "Buying & Selling" will begin airing over the winter.

The Country Financial seminar "will be our first live public appearance in Atlanta," added his bro Jonathan, the construction/design guy.

Although "Property Brothers" only debuted in 2011, they have become two of the most prominent faces on the network with three different reality shows and high ratings.

The bros provide a killer combo of good looks, technical know how, financial wherewithal,  imagination, congeniality and sibling rivalry to the table.  Plus, they bring those fun 3D renderings of how a renovation would look like.

"We knew we wanted to be very slick," Jonathan said. "We were showing visions inside our heads. This isn't software you'd normally use for average residential renovations." They could have created visuals which placed the couples in the 3D renderings, but they deemed those "too creepy."

When they were younger, the Canadian duo dabbled in acting and comedy but found their calling as home flippers before flipping was even fashionable.

"Everyone wants to know how we do so much on such low budgets," Drew said. He said the cited budgets only reflect the rooms they showcase on the show, not other parts of the house that they may renovate.

He said typical renovations on "Property Brothers" take four to six weeks, about one third the time it would take normally. They hire three crews instead of one and are given "first priority" over other projects.

Drew said they plan to be in Atlanta into the summer of 2014, save for two months to shoot "Brother Vs. Brother" elsewhere. They have nine projects going on simultaneously at different stages for the two shows.  And he promises they will do it right. "We air in over 40 countries," he said. "People know us for being a quality brand. Everything has to be done right and on time."

Jonathan said when there are inevitable unforeseen delays, he will provide sweat equity to help out. "I don't charge for my time," he said. (The show pays him.) "It's a great way to stretch the budget."

"Jonathan has done hundreds of renovations," Drew noted. "He knows what to expect in these homes."

They are usually flying out of town when they're not working in Atlanta but have time to grab a bite here and there. An early favorite of the brothers (and many other celebrities): Two Urban Licks. Drew also plans to play some golf at East Lake.

HGTV has taken advantage of our generous tax credits. The network also shoots "Property Virgins" and "Elbow Room" here as well as sister station DIY's 'Mega-Dens."

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"Property Brothers," 9 p.m. Wednesdays, HGTV


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