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TruTV ends 'In Session,' cutting vestiges of Court TV

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The last vestige of Court TV's roots is being effectively erased by Atlanta-based TruTV when its daytime trial coverage show “In Session” ends on Monday, Sept. 30.

Since Turner Broadcasting changed the network’s name to TruTV in early 2008, it has gradually been cutting back on court coverage, adding reality shows about pawn shops, shocking videos and practical jokers.

TruTV dropped live six-hour daily court coverage in March, slimming down “In Session” to two hours from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in a taped setting hosted by Vince Politan. At the time, it let go some producers. So this current move is hardly a shock.

The network has ceded crime/court stories to sister station HLN, which took over “In Session” production in 2009. What becomes of the remaining "In Session" staff is unclear.

TruTV's current lineup, which includes shows such as "Hardcore Pawn" and "Impractical Jokers" draws younger male viewers. Court TV skewed older and more female.

The replacement for now will be recycled old court cases in a transitional program dubbed "In Session Presents..." "The move is designed to provide a better flow into the rest of truTV's lineup," the network said in a statement.

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