Do area codes matter anymore?

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Atlanta rapper Ludacris famously rhymed in 2001 about the ladies whose acquaintances he'd made who lived in different area codes.

2001 was a simpler time, when telling someone your area code likely meant divulging which city you were from (for the record, Luda did give a shot out to Atlanta area codes 404 and 770). You could tell something about someone by the area code they lived in -- your area code was a part of your identity.

Nowadays, people who relocate to new cities rarely get landlines and often hang on to their old phone numbers, and area codes just don't seem to hold the same cache they used to.

Which begs the question: Do area codes even matter anymore? Do you get the same sense of geographic pride telling someone your area code today that you did when you still had a landline? And, most importantly, would Ludacris still think, in 2013, a young woman's area code was important in determining what kind of lady she was? 

Discuss in the comments below and vote in the poll on the left, and check out this story on why area codes these days say less and less about where you live.

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