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Meet the two 'Bachelor' contestants from Georgia

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If you've been lucky enough to escape the onslaught of commercials on ABC deeming it "Juan"-uary, allow us to fill you in: Tonight marks the start of the 18th season of "The Bachelor," featuring Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. The first season featuring a Bachelor of color already has some talking about whether Galavis is actually "too white" to bring real diversity to the show, according to NPR.

Aside from the slight twist in choice of Bachelor, the formula remains the same. Galavis gets to know 26 women from across the country -- and one from Canada! -- and whittles them down each week by giving those he deems worthy a rose, sending the rest away in a limo, with only their tears for companionship.

This season, we get to root for two women from Georgia: Andi and Kelli. Let's meet them, shall we?

According to the Bachelor website, Andi Dorfman is a 5'5" 26-year-old assistant district attorney from Atlanta whose favorite sports are tennis and golf and whose favorite TV show is "Scandal."  She wants to be Kate Middleton for a day, she convicted a murderer in eight minutes and has going on an African safari on her bucket list.

Further research shows that Dorfman is a Buckhead resident and was named to Modern Luxury "Most Eligible Atlantans" list in 2013, graduated from Louisiana State University and went to law school at Wake Forest University. Let's hear it for Andi!

Kelly Travis is a 5'10" 27-year-old from Conyers who likes steak and potatoes and whose favorite holiday is Christmas. OK, we're with you so far, Kelli, but you sort of lost us when we got to your listed occupation: Dog Lover. What are the qualifications for such a job? Does one need a degree? Most importantly, why didn't someone tell us this was an occupation? We would have signed up years ago. Other interesting Kelly facts: "Bachelor" is her favorite show (really), she wants to travel more, and her favorite book is "Eat, Pray, Love."

A fan site dedicated to "The Bachelor" has tracked down that, in a shocking coincidence, Travis was also named to Modern Luxury's "Most Eligible Atlantans" list! Who knew that Modern Luxury would be so adept at picking future "Bachelor" contestants? Travis' profile sheds little light on her dog loving job, but does reveal that she attended Georgia Perimeter College, currently lives in Buckhead and crushes on Ryan Gosling.

Riveting stuff, huh? We actually do hope at least one of the Georgia women make it to at least the second round -- it'd be nice to have an excuse to indulge our trashy television craving.

Do you still watch "The Bachelor?" What's been your favorite season?


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