Jesse Metcalfe on breaking heartthrob mold in new film ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’

Access Atlanta's Vicky Ro sits down with Jesse Metcalfe to talk about "On A Wing and A Prayer"

Jesse Metcalfe’s latest project, “On a Wing and a Prayer,” explores faith, family and survival while exposing fans to a whole new side of the actor’s career.

The movie “follows passenger Doug White’s (Dennis Quaid) harrowing journey to safely land a plane and save his entire family from insurmountable danger, after their pilot dies unexpectedly mid-flight.” Metcalfe’s character in the movie, Kari, is an experienced pilot who is battling trauma of his own but manages to assist in getting White and his family to safety. While this is a movie adaptation, it’s actually based on a true story.

The movie, which had me on an emotional rollercoaster in the best way possible, really honed in on the central theme of faith, but Metcalfe said there were other concepts to be explored.

“It’s really about not only having faith in a higher power but having faith in the people around you and trusting the ones who care the most about you,” the actor said.

Metcalfe and I also got the chance to talk about how he’s turning over a new leaf when it comes to the roles he takes on.

“I’m really trying to go into a new direction in my career,” Metcalfe said. “I sort of rode that wave of the matinee idol for as far as it can take me, and now it’s time to transition. It’s time for my career to mature.”

So, what exactly does that look like? You can hear all about how the “On a Wing and a Prayer” actor is shifting gears in our full interview below!

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