Lil Jon pays homage to Atlanta with latest shoe release

Atlanta's Lil Jon.
Nick Onken

When it comes to Lil Jon, he is going to make sure he shows major love to his birthplace of Atlanta.

Known for big music hits, Lil Jon is once again branching out, but taking Atlanta with him. Lil Jon recently teamed up with the sneaker giant FILA for a sneaker collaboration that is an ode to the city of Atlanta. The pink, red, white and metallic silver Renno colorway sneaker is almost a match made in heaven, as the brand’s acronym is in sync with the hometown motto “Forever I Love Atlanta.” There are a few other ways the new sneaker makes the Atlanta presence known – the ATL native’s catchphrase “AYEEE!” is seen on the forefront of the sneaker, and if you look inside at the insoles, you can see that same catchphrase, along with “ATL” repeatedly written. This sneaker is currently in high demand, as it’s a limited edition.

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