Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors talk ‘Creed III’ and play ‘Top 3′

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors

With the release of the latest “Creed” installment comes a new set of characters and trials for Adonis and his family.

If you’ve been keeping up with the “Creed” movies, you’re just as excited for the newest one as I am, especially because it was largely shot in metro Atlanta. The movie picks up a few years after Adonis, played by Michael B. Jordan, retired his boxing gloves and began living the “family man” life. While he has successfully shifted his focus from his boxing matches to his gym and family, wife Bianca, played by Tessa Thompson, and his daughter Amara, played by Mila Davis-Kent, his past comes back with a vengeance.

Audiences are introduced to Jonathan Majors’ character, Damian “Dame” Anderson, who is Adonis’s childhood friend, turned opponent, after the two find themselves at odds.

In a recent interview, I got to sit down with Jordan and Majors to talk all about the new movie and Jordan’s directorial debut.

“This is probably the most of me that you’re going to see in a character on screen. It became personal, and that’s why I felt like this was the perfect project for me to step behind the camera and actually take over the franchise,” Jordan told Access Atlanta.

Majors may be new to the franchise, but in my opinion, he fits like the perfect boxing glove.

“My favorite part about Dame is his intelligence. You don’t see that coming. You hear his back story, and you think, ‘oh, ok cool.’ But his intelligence and how he shows it in his social cunning ... he also shows it in his violence when he’s in the ring,” Majors told Access Atlanta.

These two had a lot to say about the future of the franchise and even played a game of “Top 3.” What are the three things, other than acting, that makes them happy? What are the top three music acts from Atlanta? If they could choose their next three leading ladies, who would they be? All your questions need answers, and I got them for you (well, most of them).

Check out our full interview below!

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