‘Praise This’ stars Crystal Hayslett & Anjelika Washington on film’s message

Crystal Renee Hayslett and Access Atlanta's Vicky Ro
Brandon McKeown

Will Packer’s latest film, “Praise This,” is the perfect combination of praise and party!

“Praise This” follows aspiring musical superstar Sam, played by leading lady Chloe Bailey, as she moves from Los Angeles to Atlanta to live with her cousin Jess, portrayed by Anjelika Washington. Sam is forced to join her cousin’s struggling praise team at a church led by Pastor Nick Goodman (Tristan Mack Wilds) and his wife, First Lady Natalie, played by actress and singer Crystal Renee Hayslett.

Access Atlanta got to catch up with both Washington and Hayslett about their respective roles in the movie and their acting journeys thus far.

“I moved to LA when I was 18 and was pursuing acting… and I learned of this free acting class at a church, and honey, I was trying to do anything free… I was like, sign me up,” Washington told Access Atlanta.

As far as Washington’s hilarious role in the movie goes, she says she pulled from past inspiration.

“She’s such a hard worker,” Washington said of Bailey.

“We would film the movie for literally 14 to 16 hours on set, and then I would go home and sleep and prepare for the next day, and she would go to the studio to work on her album for four hours, then go to sleep for another four, and then come back to set the next day and do it all over again.”

You can watch “Praise This” streaming now on Peacock and catch our full interview with Hayslett coming soon!

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