Feel the burn! These Atlanta workouts will burn up 500 calories an hour

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Even fitness fans who aren’t counting calories harbor at least a little curiosity about what the hour in the gym is really doing for them.

With these Atlanta workouts, they don’t have to wonder quite so much.

Check out these Atlanta workouts that burn 500 calories — or more — in one hour or less.


Providing a variety of exercise types, BURN can meet your calorie-burning needs with cycling, kickboxing, HIIT, yoga and more. You can go hard in a 45-minute cycling class or tone and burn fat by kickboxing. BURN’s 30/30 class lets you do a little of this and a little of that with 30 minutes of high-action cycling followed by kickboxing, sculpting or yoga. The cycling portion alone burns almost 500 calories on average, but adding in the second half of the class guarantees a sweaty, rewarding and effective workout.

Locations: Buckhead - 3804 Roswell Rd NE; Website: livetoburn.com


Covering six key metrics throughout all their courses, CycleBar helps you track the calories you burn for each and every ride. With the average spin class lasting only 45 minutes and burning 400-600 calories, you can ride along to great playlists with energetic instructors. Once done, all your performance stats are sent to you to help align with your own fitness goals. Classes provide a mix of strength endurance, challenges, hills and drills, with some offering the option to “complete” against fellow riders. There’s also a class that goes monitor-free for anyone who just wants to focus on the music while they ride.

Location: East Cobb- 4880 Lower Roswell Rd Suite 450; Dunwoody - 4794 Ashford Dunwoody Rd; Buckhead - 3280 Peachtree Rd NE Suite 155; Website: cyclebar.com

Orange Theory

Orange Theory is known nationwide for workouts that maximize fat burn by reading heart rate and constantly changing up the workout. Through High-Intensity Interval Training, the Orange Theory method focuses not only on burning calories during class, but achieving post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) — which means continuing to work the body long after the cooldown. In metro Atlanta, Orange Theory has more than 25 locations, so whether you’re OTP or ITP you can feel the burn regardless of your zip code. Calories burned vary between 300 and 600 per hour for females, and 400 to 800 per hour for males.

Locations: Several metro Atlanta locations; Website: orangetheory.com


The full-body workout is just like it sounds. At a Pound workout, participants of all ages exercise to driving music beats while pounding on the floors with weighted, plastic drumsticks, a.k.a. Ripstix. It’s loud, it’s fun and anything but dull. You can choose whatever level of intensity you can handle. Incredibly, it’s possible to burn a whopping 900 calories in a one-hour class.

Locations: Several metro Atlanta locations; Website: poundfit.com

This story was originally published by Dacey Orr in 2016 and has since been updated.

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