Saucy Santana talks rise to stardom, authenticity and influence

Saucy Santana

It looks and sounds like it’s going to be a ‘Saucy Summer!’

Saucy Santana has made a true name for himself – first through catchy songs and sayings on social media, and now with certified hits. Santana swung by the Sirius XM Pandora studios in Atlanta Monday night and got personal about his journey. One of the funny parts about his beginnings - he never intended for a rap career to be his path. “It’s so funny because growing up, I remember my cousin used to rap,” Santana said. “He used to put me in the closet and make me sing all his hooks when I was like 14. I was aggravated. I was like ‘boy, I do not want to do this’… I never wrote poems as a kid... I thought I was going to be a celebrity makeup artist.”

Although Santana’s newfound fame could make it seem like he shot straight to the top, it didn’t come without its own set of obstacles. Santana prides himself on being exactly who he is – whether that means wearing a full face of makeup or even long nails. While he’s proud of who he is, not everyone has always understood his journey. “I went through things with my family. I came out when I was 17. I had started wearing makeup, I had started getting my nails done, I had started wearing girl clothes and all that. Some people didn’t understand it, some people didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what it was, I was just still experiencing how I wanted to be, what I wanted to be, but I knew that I was happy so whoever else didn’t like it, I was like, that’s a personal problem for you. I’m doing me, I’m being me and I’m being happy. There was a lot of people that loved it, there was a lot of people that didn’t,” Santana said.

But with undeniable star power, Santana has found a way to appeal to the masses, children included. That fact is something Santana is navigating through – sometimes not realizing the true impact he has. “I do have a lot of fans that are kids,” Santana said. “Last night I was in New York and this little girl had seen me and she was crying, like hysterical, I was like ‘calm down baby, what’s wrong?’ She was like ‘I just love you so much.’ She started thanking God and everything that she met me, and I was like Oh my God. I was almost in tears, just the impact that I have on kids that sometimes I don’t always see. I might get on the internet and just be twerking. I’m only just knowing that you’ve got so many kids that love you and look up to you.”

Regardless of who accepts him and who doesn’t, Santana’s message is clear. “Be yourself. It’s easy every day to wake up and be you and I feel like part of the reason I have grown so much success is because I’ve been Santana genuinely and authentically,” Santana said.

Santana’s latest song “Booty” featuring fellow rapper, Latto is available on all streaming platforms now.

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