5 tips to make the most out of a Brave’s Game at Truist Park

The Cincinnati Reds played against the Atlanta Braves Sunday, March 10, 2022 at Truist Park. (Daniel Varnado/For the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Is there a better way to spend a sunny afternoon than watching our very own World Series champions? At The Battery you can enjoy beers, burgers and baseball as the Atlanta Braves fight towards another title.

Here are 5 tips for the next time you visit Truist Park:

Figure out how you want to get there

It may be smart to grab an Uber to Truist Park or take public transport, especially if you plan on drinking. There are several ways to travel to Truist using Marta and/or buses. You can take an Uber to your nearest Marta station and get to the Cumberland District Circulator to Truist Park. Additionally, you can use CobbLinc transit system to get to Truist if you live near the Cumberland area, Marietta Park or are near Marta’s Arts Center. Consider other ride-sharing services or carpool with friends to get to Truist.

Navigating once you’re inside the park

You can download a map of the park beforehand to figure out where your seating is and which parking deck you may want to park at. Free parking on game days is available for the first two hours in every deck besides the orange parking deck but will cost extra after two hours. A seating chart can be found here that way you know where to go before you meet the crowds.

At The Battery there’s more to do than just baseball

Avoid the crowds by arriving a few hours before your game starts. While you wait, there’s plenty to do at The Battery before the game even begins. You can shop at the various boutiques, the record store and grab Brave’s merchandise. While you can bring in your own food into the park (as long it fits in a gallon-sized clear plastic bag), you can also eat at the various restaurants and dining options the Battery offers from burgers to ramen. Get in on the gaming yourself by going to an escape room, challenging your friends to all sorts of parlor games at the Punch Bowl Social and play virtual golf at Good Game.

Check the weather

While Truist park does have a 60-foot canopy that covers many of the seats protecting viewers rain or shine, checking the weather beforehand will ensure you’ll have the most enjoyable experience. Bring sunscreen, pack a sweater or jacket if it will get colder after the sun goes down and wearing a raincoat if it rains are game day decisions you can make before heading out.

Tailgate before the game

For a true baseball experience, consider tailgating. Before your game begins, attend a tailgate in Lot 29 where you can grill burgers and hot dogs, drink beers and meet other baseball fans. Here are the best tailgating tips at Truist park.

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