10 of the most spine-chilling haunted houses near Atlanta to visit (if you dare)

10 of the most spine-chilling haunted houses near Atlanta to visit

If you’re looking for unsettling activities to get your scare on this fall, running from maniacal clowns to deranged zombies and more will be sure to give you that autumn adrenaline rush. From makeup, lighting and effects to sinister storytelling, these haunted houses will make you feel like you are the star of a horror film, thanks to the elaborate production value. From now until the end of October, check out this selection of hair-raising haunted houses near Atlanta.

13 Stories

Test your fears at 13 Stories, which features a haunted house, insane asylum, Clown Haus and post-apocalyptic ruins. Try your luck at escaping nefarious clowns, heinous zombies and savage lunatics, knowing that the Inhuman Resources department won’t be helping you on this journey.

Location: Newnan - 320 Temple Ave; Admission: Starting at $35; Website: 13stories.com; Contact: 770-251-9911

Camp Blood

This is no ordinary campground - try your best not to get served up for dinner when you take a .5-mile hike at Camp Blood. Legend has it that a doctor was beheaded by the patients at the nearby Lakeview Asylum in an act of revenge for using barbaric “healing” tactics. Even though the Asylum was closed for 55 years, it was recently discovered that many of those same patients were still alive and hungry - hungry for sustenance AND vengeance!

Location: Carrollton - 2277 Whooping Creek Rd; Admission: Starting at $25; Website: campblood.com; Contact: 770-854-2267

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Containment Haunted House

Shadows and spirits “from the other realm” have awakened as mortals dare enter the walls of this shipping container-based haunted house. Containment offers two experiences – The Awakening is a more traditional walk-through haunted house experience with animatronics, jump scares and more, while Annihilation is an interactive paintball game where you put your survival skills to the test in a zombie apocalypse.

Location: Lithia Springs - 1320 Blairs Bridge Rd; Admission: Starting at $25; Website: containmenthauntedhouse.com; Contact: 770-765-5334

Folklore Haunted House

If you’re looking for spine-tingling fun, Folklore Haunted House offers multiple adventures that live up to that promise. Wander through the supernatural halls of the new Manor, recently renovated by the suspicious Winters family, and experience Maximum Overload on the back-and-scarier-than-ever ISS Riker. End the evening playing frightful carnival games straight out of a scary movie.

Location: Acworth - 5389 N Main St; Admission: Starting at $25; Website: folklorehauntedhouse.com; Contact: contact@folklorehauntedhouse.com

Fright Fest at Six Flags

It’s that time of year — Six Flags has turned into a full-on fright fest! Get the Haunted House attractions pass to experience five ghastly attractions (Serial Neighbor, Zombie Labs, Devil’s Eden, Carnival of Chaos and The House on Holiday Hill). Look out for trolls and witches on the grounds, and take a ride on some of the already spine-tingling roller coasters with an added nighttime fear factor!

Location: Austell - 275 Riverside Pkwy; Admission: Starting at $29.99; Website: sixflags.com/overgeorgia; Contact: 770-739-3400

House of Four Scythes and Carnival of Screams

Located on the Cumming Fairgrounds and operating during the Cumming Country Fair and Festival, House of Four Scythes and Carnival of Screams are two nail-biting attractions you won’t want to miss. Enter these two adventures that are full of sinister energy, from clowns and chainsaws to reapers and the specter of death.

Location: Cumming - 235 Castleberry Road Horton Hall; Admission: Starting at $20; Website: fourscytheshaunt.com; Contact: 678-341-0920


The haunted horrors of this world-famous haunted house have relocated to its new, scarier-than-ever home! This year’s terrifying experiences include The Undying Horror, where guests must defeat “Warlike Wraiths” and “Rampaging Netherspawns” or else fall into an undying horror (let’s hope nobody actually finds out what that means) and Parasitic, where a “plant-based life form” from a mysterious planet seeks vengeance and power (run away before you get infected!). Afterward, those who manage to survive can check out the House of Creeps Monster Museum full of Netherworld memorabilia throughout the years.

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Location: Stone Mountain - 1313 Netherworld Way; Admission: Starting at $25; Website: fearworld.com; Contact: 404-999-3327

Nightmare’s Gate

Pass through Nightmare’s Gate into three frightfully fun experiences – from the General Hospital, where mysteries lie within the eerie hallways, to the Terror Falls swamp that has swallowed other humans, to the once-beautiful Longview Estate where troubled souls have taken over the decaying structure.

Location: Douglasville - 3844 Longview Dr; Admission: Starting at $25; Website: nightmaresgate.com; Contact: 404-275-2757

Paranoia Haunted House

Paranoia Haunted House will be sure to get your scream on. Enter Facility Q, where you’ll be putting yourself in danger when you enter a lab known for sustaining torture in Extraction, and solve the mystery of the evil McCoy house and the surrounding town’s radioactive takeover in The Wretched.

Location: Canton - 2075 Marietta Hwy; Admission: Starting at $25; Website: paranoiahaunt.com; Contact: 404-387-3203

The Village

A bloodcurdling blast will be had at The Village, created by the makers of 13 Stories in partnership with the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Demons and other evil creatures have roamed this cursed tiny village for centuries, and deaths and disappearances have yet to be explained. Be one of the brave souls to try to solve the village mystery and defeat the evil monsters. If you make it out alive, celebrate with some spooky carnival games and concessions in the Village Courtyard.

Location: Fairburn - 6905 Virlyn B Smith Rd; Admission: Starting at $15; Website: The Village; Contact: 770-251-9911

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