Eating clean in Decatur: 10 of the healthiest restaurants

The Deer and the Dove Whole Wood Roasted Bramlett Farm Trout, Tartare, Miso Rabbit Loin, Vegetables From Our Friends, Something Genteel cocktail and Creme Caramel dessert. Photo credit- Mia Yakel.
Photo credit- Mia Yakel

Everything is greater in Decatur, and that includes the city’s wide variety of restaurant options. In fact, Decatur has made a mark for its food - it was named “Atlanta’s gastronomic equivalent of Berkeley or Brooklyn” by the New York Times in 2016. If you’re looking to watch your calories or just simply eat well, look no further than this list of the 10 best Decatur restaurants that offer healthy and/or farm-to-table fare.

Cafe Lily

Mediterranean cuisine is known to be healthy, and Cafe Lily delivers an authentic taste from around the Mediterranean Sea. Serving a taste of Italy, France, Greece, Spain, North Africa and the Middle East, this cozy bistro features a wide variety of healthy menu options, such as tasty salads, hot and cold plates, and more with high-quality ingredients.

Location: Decatur - 308 W Ponce de Leon Ave; Website:; Contact: 404-371-9119

Deer and the Dove

Not only is Terry Kovall, the chef and founder of Deer and the Dove, a James Beard semi-finalist for one of the Best Chefs in the Southeast but this restaurant is known to be a Farmer Champion, purchasing a portion of its food from local and organic producers and committing to source locally.

Location: Decatur - 155 Sycamore St; Website:; Contact: 404-748-4617

Farm Burger Decatur

Farm Burger has made a mark around Atlanta for not just being your average burger joint, but a farm-to-table burger joint that is proud to focus on sustainable and humane business practices by partnering with local farmers, ranchers and more for the best quality and healthiest ingredients. Not only do they serve premium burgers, but they also offer delicious superfood salads.

Location: Decatur - 410B W Ponce de Leon Ave; Website:; Contact: 404-378-5077

Gusto! Decatur

A local Atlanta fast-casual chain known for fresh wraps and salads, gusto! invites you to “find your gusto,” starting with your flavor (such as chipotle mango avocado), then your protein (such as grilled chicken, grilled shrimp and umami tofu) and then your base (such as mixed greens and brown rice), all with a side of free sweet potato chips.

Location: Decatur - 1545 Church St; Website:; Contact: 404-549-8525

Kimball House

Kimball House is proud to serve a menu that features “humility, hospitality and passion,” with menu items such as a large list of hors d’oeuvres and entrees including trout, bouillabaisse and scallops, to multiple vegetable-only items and a full-scale raw bar.

Location: Decatur - 303 E Howard Ave; Website:; Contact: 404-378-3502

Leon’s Full Service

It’s all in the name. Leon’s Full Service is located in a former gas station – and just like the gas stations of the past, it aims to provide you with absolute full service that aims for complete satisfaction. Their menu includes a variety of healthy land and sea options, such as market fish and a smoked quarter chicken, to a garden menu that includes grilled tofu and a warm chickpea and cherry salad.

Location: Decatur - 131 E Ponce de Leon Ave; Website:; Contact: 404-687-0500

Parker’s on Ponce

This steakhouse just off of Decatur Square has an extensive menu of salads, such as a multigrain salad with farro, red quinoa, Medjool dates, toasted pistachios, parsley and creamy lemon garlic tahini dressing, as well as healthy entrees including a grilled spicy lemon tofu plate.

Location: Decatur - 116 E Ponce de Leon Ave; Website:; Contact: 404-924-2230

Victory Sandwich Bar

If you’re looking for inexpensive, high-quality and arguably healthy sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with the options at Victory Sandwich Bar, from their spicy Tea Bird sandwich (with chicken and ghost pepper jack) to the Beeter sandwich (with pastrami beets, white kimchi and spicy thai mayo on rye).

Location: Decatur - 340 Church St; Website:; Contact: 404-377-9300

Wahoo! Grill

There are plenty of healthy menu options at this sunny European-inspired bistro, including grilled salmon, redfish, mahi sofrito and a vegetable curry dish. Wahoo! Grill also has a variety of healthy vegetable sides, such as asparagus, butternut squash and roasted brussels sprouts.

Location: Decatur - 1042 W College Ave; Website:; Contact: 404-373-3331

The White Bull

Named after what Ernest Hemingway considered a blank piece of paper for its ability to both excite and terrify, The White Bull is a passion project that aims for ultimate self-expression. Menu options on the healthier side include a half-roasted chicken with polenta, broccoli, garlic and lemon, and steelhead trout with broccoli, shallots, asparagus, and sun-dried tomato relish.

Location: Decatur - 123 E Court Square; Website:; Contact: 404-600-5649

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