Food, drinks & a popular graffiti underpass: Enjoy the wonders of Krog Street

A group of people enjoying dessert in front of Krog Street Market on September 17, 2022
Brandon McKeown

Krog Street is a small but mighty half-mile stretch of street that connects Inman Park to Cabbagetown. The street has a varied history: what was originally a neighborhood for rail workers and engineers (and nearby cotton mill workers) became the location of Atlanta Stove Works, a cast-iron cooking range factory and facility for almost a full century (between 1889 and 1987). In the past decade-plus, the area was the location of Tyler Perry’s film and television studios, until 2012 when Paces Properties bought the land and buildings and began redeveloping the street (and subsequently, the neighborhood). The area is also well known for the gritty, graffiti canvas of an underpass known as the Krog Street Tunnel, with the CSX Rail Yard running right above it. Learn more about what you can find on Krog Street below.

How do you get to Krog Street?

Krog Street only spans half a mile, starting at the Krog Street Tunnel, which sits in between DeKalb Avenue on one side and Wylie Street on the other (the other side of Krog Street Tunnel is where Cabbagetown’s Estoria Street begins). The street hits a dead end adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail.

What are some activities you can do on Krog Street?

Visit the Krog Street Tunnel

The Krog Street Tunnel is a gritty underpass where Krog Street begins and/or ends (depending on your perspective) that has charmed residents and visitors alike for its street art that features everything from political statements to love notes to philosophical ponderings to just plain scribbles. In fact, anyone can make their artistic mark in Krog Street Tunnel, and passing the dark tunnel that features one lane of cars on either side will always smell like fresh spray paint. Most famously, the art on Krog Street Tunnel was erased in 2014 in protest of a local organization that was aiming to profit off the local artists’ artwork. Soon afterward, the artwork was back in full glory, with both famous street artists and local residents painting on the concrete canvas. Today, pedestrians and cyclists cross Krog Street Tunnel, which now serves as an important Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail connector from Inman Park to Cabbagetown.

Enjoy the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail

On the other end of Krog Street is a dead end that leads you to the highly trafficked Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail, near Kevin Rathbun Steak. This stretch of the Atlanta BeltLine was the first and original, serving as a connector between Piedmont Park/Monroe Drive to Krog Street. Run, walk, or bike on this popular trail that was created to make Atlanta more pedestrian-friendly.

Where are some places I can eat on Krog Street?

Krog Street Market is one of Atlanta’s signature food halls, anchoring the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail on one side, with Ponce City Market (somewhat) anchored towards Old Fourth Ward. You’ll find a diversity of food options at Krog Street Market, from Indian (Jai Ho Indian Kitchen) to Italian (Varuni Napoli) to Chinese Sichuan (Gu’s Dumplings) to Vietnamese (Pho Nam) to Tex-Mex (Superica) to Middle Eastern (Yalla) and much more.

Located in the neighborhood for a while, but now integrated within the new Stove Works development complex, lies Bell Street Burritos. This burrito joint was named one of America’s best burritos by USA Today. Their burritos, stuffed with ingredients such as smoked brisket, pulled pork, and grilled chicken, are simply un-burrito-ble.

Kevin Rathbun Steak is the brainchild of chef Kevin Rathbun, offering a “feast for the senses.” Perfect for a date night or special event, Kevin Rathbun Steak features an elevated menu that features prime steaks, fresh seafood, hot and cold appetizers, decadent sides, and a large, curated wine list. The restaurant is located in a beautiful industrial space, with a wraparound patio overlooking the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail.

Where can I drink on Krog Street?

Located in Krog Street Market, Hop City serves as both a bar and a market serving craft beers, wines and ciders. Sip on 60+ beers, wines and ciders on tap and browse the large selection of drinks within the adjacent market.

Situated in an expansive space as part of the new Stove Works development, Brewdog is an Ohio brewery making its mark on the Atlanta beer scene. In addition to a wide variety of “exciting and experiential” beer options, Brewdog offers burgers, tacos, wings and plant-based dishes in an inviting space with high ceilings, plants and arcade games.

Where can I get dessert on Krog Street?

Krog Street Market features a multitude of options that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Popular ice cream chain Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is located in Krog Street Market, as well as Xocoatl, a small-batch chocolate shop inspired by the flavors of Latin American cacao, and Little Tart Bakeshop, known for its delicious, flaky and buttery croissants.

Where can I shop on Krog Street?

Patagonia has entered the Krog Street chat. This popular outdoor clothing company is now open at the new Stove Works complex. Shop outerwear, clothing, bags and hiking gear, perfect for that next hike in North Georgia.

Outdoor Voices has also entered the Krog Street chat. In fact, it’s entered the Atlanta chat. Known for its athleisure wear including its famous Exercise Dress, Outdoor Voices is on a mission to get the world moving. Shop their apparel items at their first-ever Atlanta store, located in the new Stove Works complex.

The Merchant is a gift shop and boutique that curates what it called “industrial-chic goods,” consisting of vintage items, stationery, charming artwork and a variety of other gifts curated from across the country.

Where can I stay on Krog Street for a vacation or staycation?

Nestled on Krog Street near the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail is the tropical-inspired Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast, offering a serene stay in the middle of all the Atlanta BeltLine action. Urban Oasis offers three peaceful rooms and event space, as well as shaded gardens, a hot tub and a lap pool.

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