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Full-circle: Northside Hospital O.R. Coordinator’s story of success

Lyndsi Chastain of Northside Hospital Atlanta
Lyndsi Chastain

When you grow up with a medical field legend in the family, it’s hard not to want to pursue a similar career path for yourself, and that’s exactly how Lyndsi Chastain’s journey goes. Her grandfather’s legacy has played a huge role.

Not only that but If we go back to the beginning, Chastain becoming an Operating Room Coordinator at Northside Hospital is a full-circle moment.

While her grandfather’s legacy was solidified, Chastain wanted to make sure she created her path as well. After taking on the role of a nurse extern in the OR at Northside in 2020, it was just one short year later that Chastain began a position in the Surgical Services RN residency program.

“I work well in a fast-paced environment and can handle and respond well to stressful situations,” Chastain said about her time as a resident.

“I always strive to be the best and would always want the doctors to request that I be working on their team.”

That attitude, mixed with her demonstrated skills, is what caught the attention of her supervisors, leading her to be promoted to charge preceptor in two and a half years. A year later, Chastain found herself being promoted yet again, to Operating Room Coordinator.

“My colleagues, the leadership, all the doctors — I have good relationships with all of them and we work well together as a team,” Chastain said about what led to her longevity with Northside.

As OR coordinator, Chastain has a lot on her plate, including leading morning huddles, making sure the operating rooms are running properly, and even troubleshooting equipment.

Not only is Chastain using her skillset to be the best in her role, but she also creates a fun working environment.

“I want the staff to be able to enjoy work and want to come to work,” Chastain said. “I try to incorporate fun things into it, like we’ll do potlucks for holidays and we’ll decorate the front desk … I also think that if a staff member goes above and beyond, they should be rewarded, so I created a little stash shout-out box.”

With the latest promotion under her belt and no plans on slowing down anytime soon, Chastain continues to embody and personify what Northside is all about.

“I am a very passionate and driven person and always give 110% into what I do,” Chastain said.

Chastain’s guide to her Atlanta:

Go-to restaurant: Yardhouse - “Have you tried the Poke Nachos there? I love Yardhouse!”

Best spot to pick up Braves gear: Braves Clubhouse Store - “I’m a big Braves fan!”

Favorite date spot: The Battery - “You can’t beat the sports atmosphere, the Braves and the multiple restaurant and shopping options.”

There are a number of hiring events Northside hosts each month. Ready to #LookToNorthside? Find out about their upcoming events HERE.

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