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Leading the way: A journey of growth at Northside Hospital

Leading the way: A journey of growth at Northside Hospital
Credit: Karen Lopiccolo

Lopiccolo’s path at Northside began in the orthopedic department as a medical assistant. Little did she know that her career would soon take an exciting turn. Collaborating with Dr. Osborne, one of the most prominent spine surgeons in metro Atlanta, Lopiccolo played an integral role in launching the spine program, helping to lay its foundations.

The program started with just three key players: Lopiccolo, Dr. Osborne and his Physician Assistant. Over the years, her dedication and hard work were rewarded with promotions. In her first year, Lopiccolo took on the role of the Lead Medical Assistant, responsible for orchestrating the efficient functioning of the spine program. Then, in the last year, she embraced her current role as the Spine Program Supervisor.

A day in Lopiccolo’s life is a testament to the rigor and care required in her position. She and her team arrive early in the morning to check every room is clean and equipped. Their day starts by rooming patients and ensuring they are ready for their appointments. This process involves a comprehensive patient assessment, vital sign checks and a review of medical history, medication changes and any concerns the patient might have. Lopiccolo and her team ensure the clinic runs smoothly, handling injections, stitch removals, and post-op dressing changes as needed.

Her favorite aspect of the job is clear: patient care. Lopiccolo’s genuine passion for helping people and her nurturing spirit shine through in her work.

“I love helping people. I have a true passion for patient care. I’m definitely a natural caretaker,” said Lopiccolo.

Northside Hospital holds a special place in Lopiccolo’s heart.

“It’s honestly my life. I love my job. I enjoy seeing our patients come in pain-free after successful treatments. Northside has just really opened up a lot for me as a medical assistant. They’ve really allowed me to grow in my career and just expand my horizons and my skill set which I really value,” said Lopiccolo.

Lopiccolo recommends Northside Hospital to those seeking a career in the medical field.

“Our benefits are amazing. Northside offers tuition reimbursement, of course, our pension plan is great. For me, specifically, our management and leadership team is really fantastic. I like that Northside has so much community outreach.” said Lopiccolo. “We receive so much appreciation. I’ve just never worked anywhere that’s truly valued their employees like Northside does.”

The hospital’s diverse workforce and the opportunity to work with a broad range of physicians also stand out for Lopiccolo. “I do appreciate the diversity that Northside brings, especially to our program. We have women physicians, we have young physicians and we have older physicians. I appreciate that.” said Lopiccolo.

Lopiccolo’s guide to her Atlanta

Favorite lunch spot: Cafe Intermezzo - “We love stopping by Cafe Intermezzo at the Avalon. It’s our little slice of heaven.”

Best date night spot: Tani Thai - “The food here is amazing and the ambiance is just perfect!”

Northside holds numerous hiring events each month. If you’re ready to #LookToNorthside, you can find out about their upcoming events HERE.

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