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Making a difference at Northside as a Cardiac Acute Care Nurse

Meet Lindsey Ostrowidzki, a passionate Cardiac Acute Care Nurse at Northside Hospital Cherokee.
Credit: Lindsey Ostrowidzki

Lindsey, a proud graduate of Kennesaw State University (KSU), has been a vital part of Northside Hospital since 2019. With an official title of Cardiac Acute Care Nurse, Lindsey specializes in the intricate care, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with heart disease — a condition that is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

An Acute Care nurse wears many hats, from handling labs, passing medications, and overseeing various medical procedures. They also assist patients recovering from procedures, from physical therapy to help in daily activities; Lindsey spends significant time ensuring her patients regain their independence.

Lindsey’s passion for her work shines brightest when it comes to patient education. In her own words, it’s her “favorite thing.” Her role allows her to interact with a wide spectrum of patients — from young individuals recovering from their first heart attack due to lifestyle choices to elderly patients contemplating the next phase of life. Lindsey guides them on the path to success, educating them about medications, lifestyle changes, and the importance of heart health.

“I can give more because I genuinely feel that Northside has my best interests at heart. Knowing we have safe patient ratios and access to top-notch employee resources, I can confidently provide the best care to my patients,” shared Ostrowidzki.

One remarkable aspect of Lindsey’s connection with Northside Hospital is her involvement in the hospital’s extern program with KSU. As a leader in the program, Lindsey plays a pivotal role in guiding college students who are either starting or finishing nursing school. Through tours and firsthand experiences, she provides invaluable insights into what it truly means to be a healthcare provider.

In essence, Lindsey Ostrowidzki is not just a Cardiac Acute Care Nurse; she’s a prime example of dedication, education, and compassionate care in the heart of Northside Hospital Cherokee — a testament to the hospital’s unwavering commitment to the well-being of the Atlanta community.

Northside Hospital is committed to supporting its employees by providing a comprehensive range of benefits. From paid time off (PTO), medical, dental, and vision plans to maternity and paternity programs and various financial assistance options like a pension plan, 403b, and tuition reimbursement. Ostrowidzki values these benefits and the level of care provided by the hospital. As a young nurse, she’s grateful for a chance to grow in that professional development area.

Ostrowidzki’s guide to her Atlanta:

Go-to restaurant: La Parilla Mexican Restaurant - “My friends and I go to La Parilla a lot. They definitely know us there.”

Best spot to recharge: Onelife Fitness - “There’s nothing like getting a good workout in.”

Favorite place to shop: Downtown Canton - “I love the atmosphere and getting to walk around all the cute shops.”

Northside holds numerous hiring events each month. If you’re ready to #LookToNorthside, you can find out about their upcoming events HERE.

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