The top 7 rides you must try at Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia (Credit: Six Flags Over Georgia)
Six Flags Over Georgia

For more than 50 years, Six Flags Over Georgia has continued to provide thrills and chills courtesy of the amusement park’s more than 40 rides. Sitting on 290 acres, Six Flags Over Georgia remains a favorite with visitors of all ages. For some, it’s the daring roller coasters, for others it’s the family-friendly rides, and for still more visitors it’s the water rides. Whatever your favorite, Six Flags Over Georgia likely has it.

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Thanks to the park’s licensing agreement with DC Comics and Warner Bros., visitors can have photos taken with their favorite cartoon characters or ride along with their favorite super heroes. Think Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Whether you are a DC Comics or Warner Bros. fan–or both–you can’t go wrong with these 7 must-try rides (in alphabetical order):


Park location: Peachtree Square

Why it’s a must: Not for the feint of heart, this ride whisks you up 20 stories where you have panoramic views of the entire park and then some. As the ride pauses at the top, it tilts 15 degrees, the perfect angle for you to watch as the ride descends 200 feet into a free fall at 50 mph. It’s more than enough to have adrenaline junkies returning again and again.

Batman: The Ride

Park location: Gotham City

Why it’s a must: There’s no waiting around for the action on this roller coaster. The moment you leave the confines of the Caped Crusader’s bat cave, you are already in the thick of it. Think a 10-story ascent before racing into a 360-degree loop, quickly followed by a zero-G roll into a second loop. More twists and turns follow, all while your feet are dangling in the air.

Dare Devil Dive

Park location: USA

Why it’s a must: No thrill-seeker can pass up this “Euro-Fighter” roller coaster. It starts with a climb up the 95-foot-tall tower that gives you no time to prepare for what’s next. As soon as you reach the top, you are headed straight back down. Before you know it, you are racing through a ring of fire, twists and turns, and making it through one 360-degree roll seconds before you return to the station.


Park location: USA

Why it’s a must: This roller coaster lives up to its name, a monster hypercoaster among the park’s other thrill rides. Before it’s over, you’ll reach heights of 200 feet, speeds of 70 mph and a mind-blowing 4Gs. Throughout the ride, you’ll encounter a 175-foot drop, a 12-story drop, and a 540-degree spiral that will take your breath away. And when it’s all over, you won’t waste any time heading to the queue line for another spin.

The RIDDLER Mindbender

Park location: Gotham City

Why it’s a must: For more than 40 years, The RIDDLER Mindbender has elicited screams and cheers as it whips riders through three loops at speeds reaching 50 mph. The ride starts with an 80-foot climb into the sky before dashing back down the steel rails into loop after loop. Thanks to gravity, it’s a challenge to keep your head up and your eyes on the next loop.

Superman: Ultimate Fight

Park location: Metropolis Park

Why it’s a must: If you’ve ever wanted to cruise the skies like Superman, here’s your chance. When loading the ride, you start in an upright position, but as soon as you leave the station, you’ll find yourself in true Superman form: face down and head first. Throughout the three-minute ride you’ll conquer innovative loops, a horseshoe-shaped curve, a stunning helix, and a 360-degree roll. Once it’s over, you’ll feel like you’ve earned the right to wear Superman’s cape.

Tsunami Surge

Park location: Hurricane Harbor

Why it’s a must: The main park is not the only place to find thrills. In Hurricane Harbor, Six Flags Over Georgia’s water park, you’ll find Tsunami Surge, the first hybrid zero-gravity slide. Built for four riders per float, this ride sends you through a five-story drop and into a 125-foot-long whirlpool. After spinning 360 degrees, you’ll take off down an enclosed tube into a 45-wave wall before coming to a stop in the splash pool.

Six Flags Over Georgia hours and tickets:

Six Flags Over Georgia opens on weekends starting in mid-April before opening daily starting Memorial Day weekend. The park will be open daily for summer hours through the first week of August, it will then return to weekend hours through early September. Hours vary, so it’s important to check the park calendar when planning your visit.

Ticket prices vary, and advanced tickets are recommended for the best deals. The park also offers season passes and memberships with a variety of bonus benefits. Parking isn’t free; you can purchase in advance online or, depending on which ticket deal you buy, it may include parking.

Directions and transportation options:

Six Flags Over Georgia is located at 275 Riverside Pkwy, SW, Austell, Georgia 30168.

By car: Take exit 46A or 47 just off Interstate 20 west of Atlanta to reach the park.

On MARTA: Take MARTA rail to H.E. Holmes station on the Blue Line. From there, it’s a 12-minute bus ride on a shuttle that runs on weekends starting in March and daily in the summer. When in service, this route operates every 40 minutes, so allow plenty of time to get to the park.

Other public transportation: CobbLinc offers a shuttle service to the park. For a detailed, up-to-date route schedule, please visit the transportation section of Cobb County’s website. Route 30 serves the park Monday through Saturday, NOT Sunday.

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