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‘Trendy, eclectic, fun food’: Atlanta Braves chef adds tasty bites to Truist Park menu

Braves game in Truist Park
Katrina Merto

Fans have a plethora of mouthwatering reasons to visit Truist Park for a baseball game, and new Braves Executive Chef Louis Martorano is all about upping the ante.

He described his new menu additions as the perfect excuse to forget about calories for the day.

“(It’s) the push to make concession food more delectable, more appetizing,” he explained. “The whole approach is to really bring the trendy, eclectic, fun food … If they want to cheat on their diet, let them cheat during a great baseball atmosphere and product that we (have) here, and you can go back to counting calories the next day.”

About Chef Louis

Martorano joined the Braves’ support team on July 6, 2022 — the first day of a 10-game homestand.

“It was baptism by fire for sure,” he said, adding that this is his first foray into sports service.

“I am a hotel man — 35 years — 21 of those with Hilton Hotels,” he explained. “So, I just took that knowledge and my love of baseball. I’m a huge sports freak in general, but baseball, especially … It’s been very special for me.”

Martorano comes to Atlanta from Miami, and he’s worked in San Francisco and Nashville.

“I’ve been all over the place,” he said, “but that’s how you get your stripes as a chef.”

The Brooklyn native credits his family and other professionals with his passion and prowess in the kitchen.

“My mom and my grandmother are really what drives my food passion,” he said, “and my techniques have all come from the various chefs that I’ve been able to work with throughout my career and allowed me to identify myself in culinary.”

The temptations

Truist Park offers a variety of temptations in the numerous eateries that span its levels in iterations that range from grab-n-go markets to sit-down restaurants. The Braves added self-checkout markets throughout the ballpark this year, which help ensure fans can quickly get the concessions they want without missing too much of the game even with the faster pace due to the new MLB rule changes.

“For the general fan between all three levels, the offering is pretty expansive. I liken it to a really good shortstop,” Martorano said. “A really good shortstop has to have range. So does your food.”

Chef Louis Martorano’s recommendations:

Triple play: A papa rellena at its heart, this fried dish is a potato with smoked chicken in the center. Find it: Section 313 market and Section 343 market

Closer hotdog: The lack of a bun here makes this dog, enclosed in mozzarella-whipped potatoes, distinctive. Find it: Section 343 market

Cleanup burger: This four-patty sandwich “took off more than I thought it was going to take off.” Martorano said. Hashbrowns, smoked bacon, a fried egg and cheese top this burger, which sits on a Belgian waffle and is accompanied by maple syrup. Serves up to four. Find it: 1871 Grille (near section 113)

The Submarine Sandwich: Another item that’s surprised Martorano with its popularity, this stack includes turkey breast (smoked in-house), cheddar cheese sauce, fried green tomato, bacon and avocado crema, augmented with butter lettuce. Serves one to eight. Find it: The Carvery (near section 112)

Georgia BLT: Fried bologna with pimento cheese and garlic mayo and the delicate crunch of iceberg lettuce make this crowd favorite a worthy indulgence. Find it: 1871 Grille (near section 141)

The golden chicken bucket: Brimming with fresh buttermilk chicken tenders, this is a new item Martorano thinks will prove popular. “We brine them, we buttermilk them, and we fry them to order,” he explained. Find it: Sections 138 and 320

The Big Slice: This is one classic that has stayed. It’s thin, but its 18-inch length makes it an iconic sight. “It’s pretty demonstrative as you’re walking around the stadium with this big slice of pizza,” Martorano said. Find it: The Slice concession stand — Sections 107, 150, 215, 239, 313 and 343

H&F Burger: The original offering at its namesake restaurant also remains unchanged, with its double beef patties oozing deliciously melted American cheese under a topping of crunchy pickles and red onion. Find it: H&F Burger in Section 155

No matter what your age or interests, Truist Park has something to offer everyone. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy a day of fun, food, and baseball with the Atlanta Braves. Get your tickets now!