Atlanta filmmakers to premiere short horror films at Plaza Theatre

June 21, 2017
PLAZA THEATRE: Georgia's oldest operating movie theater opened in 1939 and continues to accept your hard-earned dollars. Don't let the longevity fool you however — the theater has had its ups and downs, including a turn in the 1970s as a porn palace. Since the early 1980s it's been an art house theater owned by cinephile entrepreneurs such as George Lefont and Jonathan & Gayle Rej. The latest owner, Michael Furlinger, has done extensive renovations to the building, including an overhaul of the neon marquee, with the help of the Fox Theatre Institute. In 2014, the Plaza was named the fifth best movie theater in the world by Men's Journal. (PETE CORSON /

A film festival will showcase the work of Atlanta filmmakers, premiering a number of horror, sci-fi and suspense short films to a local audience.  

Attack of the 50 Foot Film Festival will spook audiences 7 p.m. June 27. 

Hosted by “Horror Hotel”, an Amazon Prime series that centers on a spooky Georgia motel, the festival will feature four short films and the first episode from season three of “Horror Hotel.” 

The lineup consists of the black and white film “Attack of the Face Melters,” “Sleep Tight,” “Rainy Season,” based on the Stephen King short story of the same title, and “Mr. Lockjaw: Prequel episode One.”  

Here is a synopsis of each film, courtesy of the festival:

“Attack Of The Face Melters” - Jack is a lovable comic geek that enjoys his comics more than his girlfriend. Peril awaits when Jack's comic book comes to life.


“Sleep Tight” - Bed bugs at the hotel snack on a body builder pumped full of steroids and grow to monstrous proportions terrorizing and attacking other guests.


“Rainy Season” - When a young couple arrives in the small town of Willow, Maine they are warned to leave. They ignore the warnings and learn the horrific price the town must pay for prosperity. The Rainy Season has come back to Willow and when it rains...they pour.


“Mr. Lockjaw: Prequel episode One” - A ventriloquist with mundane aspirations of becoming a children's entertainer becomes subject to his dummy’s more sinister desire: interrogating and torturing criminals for the mob.

General admission into the festival is $11.34 online. Tickets can be purchased at

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