Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Kurios’: 5 reasons to see the fun show

Fun things are happening in the blue and yellow big top tent at Atlantic Station. Cirque du Soleil’s “Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities” opened on March 3 for a run that spans over two months.

“Kurios” invites attendees into a fun world, or a “Cabinet of Curiosities,” where everything is over-the-top and anything can happen.

The show is both funny and entertaining, no matter how old you are, so it’s certainly worth seeing.

Here are five reasons why you should see “Kurios” before the circus tent comes down in May:

The characters

From Mini Lili, a 3-foot-tall woman who remains inside Mr. Microcosmos’ costume for most of the show, to a group of contortionists, there isn’t a dull character in “Kurios.” Each artist has carefully crafted their characters and their skits in a way that makes it easy to forget they’re all just putting on a show.  

The acrobatics

A man atop a rising stage balances on a set of cylinders and a plank. Another man stacks a set of chairs, one on top of the other, before balancing upside down on one hand on top of the pile. With each new stunt gasps and cheers are heard from the audience. Once you’re done breathing a sigh of relief that the artists have pulled off their daring stunts, you’ll be anxious to see what’s next.

The costumes

From a skirt shaped like “early parabolic antennas” to a metal “belly” that houses a person, more than 100 costumes were created for this show. Many of them were inspired by 19th century science and inventions. Not only are they fun to look at, but they enhance the characters and the show in interesting ways.

The set

One of the best things about the “Cabinet of Curiosities” is how transformative the set is. Characters entertain attendees as props are rolled onto and off of the stage, giving way to a fascinating new world each time. From a steam-punk inspired mechanical hand to a nearly 12-foot-tall chair decorated with recycled metal, it is clear careful planning went into every detail.

The thrill of the expected

Nothing in “Kurios” is novel. Most of the appeal from the show comes from the fact that it includes everything you expect from a circus, while sticking to a fun and visually stimulating theme. Costumes, artists, music and more elevate common acts such as acrobats and contortionists to new and exciting heights.

Want to know more about "Kurios"? Check out AJC reporter Helena Oliviero's behind-the-scenes look of the show.

If You Go: times vary. Through May 8. Atlantic Station, 20th Street, Atlantic Station, Atlanta. Cost: starting at $28.

Have you seen “Kurios”? Share your thoughts on the show with us in the comment section!

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